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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!

This is the title of one of Sommerville Lombard’s favourite songs that inspires and strengthens her to move on especially when times are tough. Not too long ago I had a coffee chat with Sommerville to get to know her and her business better. Did you know that Sommerville has a creative edge and secret talent? Let’s get to know our Tribe member a bit better.

Please share a bit about your journey and why you became a VA.
I come from being an IT Teacher in a private school for 18 years, to totally changing course and becoming a Credit Clerk at a pharmaceutical warehouse. I needed to change to something else, but it is difficult in a small town where there are very few offerings. I decided to look online and see if there was a possibility where I could do something from home. I needed to work from home the next year as my eldest was starting grade 1 and that requires lots of extra attention from Mommy. So, I started looking and one thing lead to another, eventually leading me to the idea of becoming a VA. I thought this was brilliant as I didn’t specialize in only one area, and I have many talents and gifts. So over a couple of months I skilled myself up, doing small tasks for others in turn for training or an online review/recommendation. I have now come to realize that I like to specialize in the creative side of things online, like social media graphics. It’s like a type of creative visual sudoku. I love puzzling out a company’s branding and voice and how to put that into a graphic.

What are all the services that you offer as a VA?
Social Media Marketing and Graphics
Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos
Video Editing
Online Business Cards
Photo Editing or Retouching
Custom Stock Photos
LinkedIn Lead Generation
Lead Generation for Voice over Artists
Backend Zoom Event Management

So, what is Sommerville’s secret talent? She has created a stunning Phoenix jewellery line!

These are beautiful and entirely hand sculpted, one-of-a-kind fire colour marbled polymer clay pendants or earrings, embellished with rhinestone detail. Each piece is a handmade creation and is “unique” so there can’t be two exactly identical. The phoenix represents renewal or rebirth and for Sommerville, it’s a symbol of how entrepreneurs rise out of the ashes when getting knocked down. “We always rise again! Currently in the online shop I offer the Phoenix Polymer Clay Jewellery line, but I am open to custom designed jewellery for those wanting something more unique to them.”

What helps you to fuel your creativity?
My creativity fuels me, not the other way round. I have so much creativity brewing inside of me that I need to use it every day.

How has Explore ProTech helped you to grow and evolve as an entrepreneur?
When I first started with Explore ProTech, I had been running my business for about 18 months and only ever had 1 permanent client from the UK. Explore ProTech has helped me grow not only in business, but also to become a stronger and more confident individual. When I first joined I was shy, lacking in confidence and I struggled to stand up for my business. Through training and guidance from Nestene, Peter and fellow Tribe members, I have slowly grown into the VA that I am today. I have grown so much that I will be launching my VA Agency next year (2022), and we have launched Explore ProTech’s “Explore V.A.N (Virtual Assistant Network).” Explore VAN is where we bring together other VAs from around the globe to get to know each other, learn from experts, answer their burning questions and grow together.

If you’d like to get in touch with Sommerville to arrange a coffee chat or to place your order, you can send her an email to vasommerville@gmail.com or visit our website.

Find her on social media: Facebook
, LinkedIn and click on the YouTube link to watch an interview Sommerville had with Entrepreneurs Lifestyle Magazine.

1 thought on “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!”

  1. Sommerville Pruis

    I love the whole get-to-know-you chat … but I must say my absolute fave quote is: “I have so much creativity brewing inside of me that I need to use it every day.” There’s the secret to Sommerville’s success right there … her God-given talents (of which she has stacks and stacks)!
    So very proud of my Sommerville!

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