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What’s the secret to being a successful entrepreneur in a post-covid economy?

There’s one thing all entrepreneurs agree on. That is that the rules for being successful have changed. The post-covid-economy looks very different from the pre-covid economy. But what’s the secret to being a successful entrepreneur in a post-covid economy?

The Covid Economy – How to survive it! A Coffee Shop Conversations Show Episode brought to you by The Explore ProTech Tribe

The rules have changed. Here’s why…

  • During the pandemic businesses and consumers had to react in agile and decisive ways as they adapted to a new economic landscape.
  • Large groups of people around the world were uprooted as companies that they had served for many years went out of business or followed the retrenchment root in an attempt to survive themselves.
  • People have been shaken out of their comfort zones. Forced to face the uncertainty of our new reality, a lot of people have regained a sense of self-awareness. Even more people have taken responsibility for their lives and the are now, maybe for the first time in their lives, following their dreams, doing what they love.

Because of all of this change that has (and is) taking place around the world, people are making decisions about where to spend their money differently. For entrepreneurs that means that, if we are to be successful in getting our hands on some of this money (the purpose of entrepreneurship) we need to seriously re-evaluate what we are offering to the world.

Now is the time for Market Research

Does our offer still make sense? Is this really what people want? More importantly, is this what they need?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. Market research, in the post-covid economy, is more important than ever before. We need to be able to articulate what we are offering and why people should be interested. That’s the crux of the situation.

Now is the time for Conversations

Even more importantly though, we need to keep our CONVERSATIONS going. The only way to get any sort of FEEL for how we are doing as entrepreneurs, what’s working, and what we could be doing differently, is to keep on having conversations. These conversations need to be held with:

  • Other entrepreneurs that are willing to share your journey with you
  • Mentors, coaches and experienced entrepreneurs that are in your corner and ready to give you advice that really is in your best interest
  • People that fit the profile of your target market

Open Conversation Opportunities for Entrepreneurs across the Globe

At Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven we create opportunities for these conversations to take place. The best part is, you don’t even have to be a member to take part in these conversations that are designed to show you how to be successful as an entrepreneur in a post-covid economy.

Conversation opportunities that are available to ALL entrepreneurs from around the world include:

  • Our weekly Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs
  • Our monthly Global Online Speed Networking Events

The Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs

The Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs is a SAFE space where entrepreneurs from around the world can show up to chat with and learn from (and with) other entrepreneurs from around the world. The show is streamed live on Youtube and includes a panel of experienced entrepreneurs chatting around a central topic that is of interest to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs from around the world are encouraged to watch live on Youtube and participate in the live chat.

This is an excellent place to:

  1. Make valuable connections
  2. Ask questions and learn in a SAFE space with peers
  3. Get to know other entrepreneurs by participating in insightful conversation

To attend any one of our Coffee Shop Conversations Shows you just have to show up at 17:00 (GMT+2) on the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel, introduce yourself and start participating in the chat.

Global Online Speed Networking

Our Global Online Speed Networking Event is another SAFE space for entrepreneurs from around the world. The focus at this event is less on learning from each other, and more on meeting and creating meaningful moments and connections with entrepreneurs from around the world.

The connections you make at the event should feed your:

  • Support system
  • Collaboration team
  • Circle of mentors
What is Global Online Speed Networking? Narrated by Jeff Bonano.

To attend any one of our Global Online Speed Networking Events just register for the event. Events are charged for. This is part of our vetting process to make sure that only serious entrepreneurs and business connections show up. Keep your eye on our blog, Youtube Channel, and Social Media Channels, and sign up for our email list. We do occasionally release coupon codes to create free or discounted registration opportunities for our avid followers.

So what’s the secret to being a successful entrepreneur in a post-covid economy?

We believe the secret to being a successful entrepreneur in a post-covid economy lies in having conversations with:

  • Other entrepreneurs and peers
  • Experienced entrepreneurs and potential mentors and coaches
  • People that fit the profile of your target client

What’s your take on “What’s the secret to being a successful entrepreneur in a post-covid economy?”

To continue this conversation, watch the rerun of our LIVE Coffee Shop Conversations Show titled “The Covid Economy – How to Survive it!” and add your value in the comments.

Then show up LIVE for our next Coffee Shop Conversations Show. And visit us online at our next Global Online Speed Networking Event! Can’t wait to see you there!

Lots of love and may this blog post bring you that one step closer to making ALL your wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true!

Nestene & Peter

PS: If you want to chat about what #TribeLife could look like for you… or just want to get some advice on entrepreneurship in general and make some good contacts… book us a coffee. We’d love to get to know you.

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