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Steven Levy At A Glance

Steven Levy is a Global Leaders Coach from Cape Town, South Africa. “My practice is Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond, which focuses on leadership and communication in business. It’s about the impact that leadership has on those that they lead, both personally and professionally.”


Steven made attempts with social media and found “people weren’t really engaging my services; they were engaging with my posts but not engaging with my services. I hadn’t used technology in this way before, and whether one can turn that into business, I’m not 100% sure.” He knew that he could have a larger impact on social media, but wasn’t sure how to achieve it.

Steven Levy

“You have an opportunity to get to experience what I have through Global Speed Networking. But that’s just the event; there is so much more on offer. You need to ask yourself, what is the cost of not joining Explore ProTech?”


After developing and teaching on the Fempreneur Training, ExploreProtech developed a community from around the world with the Global Speed Networking Events.

Like-Minded Referral Partners

Relationships in Business

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Social Media Marketing Training

After struggling for so long with Social Media Marketing, Explore ProTech helped Steven Levy get on top of his Tech Knowledge and improve his reach.


Global Audience

Through mediums such as Explore ProTech’s Coffee Shop Conversations Show, Steven has managed to showcase his expertise in front of a global audience.


Increased Credibility

Steven Levy goes out of his way to meet new Tribe members and build relationships. Because of this, he’s grown his referral opportunities and grown his credibility.

85% of business owners and entrepreneurs credit their success to building relationships. Steven Levy went from local to global, are you ready to achieve your goals?