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How Building Relationships Launched Steven Levy’s Business Globally – Becomes a Tribe’s Legendary Leaders Coach

About Steven Levy

Steven Levy is a Business Coach from Cape Town, South Africa. “My practice is Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond, which really stemmed from the importance of leadership in business and its people. And it’s really about the impact that leadership has on those that they lead, both personally and professionally.”

The Challenge: Reaching a Wider Audience

After having success locally with Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond, Steven was looking to branch out and reach a wider audience. The revenue from his business was not where he needed it to be, so Steven set up his website in 2015 and quickly developed profiles on social media to begin attracting a wider audience.

“I think I was fortunate enough because I was part of an existing networking group, so I got referrals there. But it wasn’t enough for generating the revenue that I needed. The main drive behind my business is that I believe I can make a difference in people’s lives. And what bothered me was I just wasn’t reaching enough people.”

Steven made attempts with social media and found “people weren’t really engaging my services; they were engaging with my posts but not engaging with my services. I hadn’t used technology in this way before, and whether one can turn that into business, I’m not 100% sure.” He knew that he could have a larger impact on social media, but wasn’t sure how to achieve it. 

On top of this, Steven is an advocate of networking. “Everything was face-to-face, which ate into a lot of time, after all, there are only so many networking hours in a day”. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, countries around the world (including South Africa) went into lockdown. This stopped many people from being able to network face to face. 

The Solution: New Ways To Network and Build Relationships

Steven happened to have a coffee with Nestene (the founder of Explore ProTech) shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic. This meeting led to Nestene and Steven reaching out to each other during the pandemic, whereby Nestene spent time developing Steven’s technology know-how and online presence. 

Steven really resonated with Peter (Explore ProTech Founder) and Nestene from day one. He appreciates that they have provided a safe space for connecting entrepreneurs. What stands out in Steven’s mind is how Explore ProTech has cultivated an environment established on trust, building relationships, and empowering each entrepreneur.

After developing and teaching on the Fempreneur Training, Explore Protech developed a community from around the world with the Global Speed Networking Events. From these events, Steven met new entrepreneurs from other countries, spreading his message further and developing new relationships. 

The Results: Adding Value

“Without Explore ProTech, my business would have plodded along and slowly grew through word of mouth, Explore ProTech really accelerated that process in terms of reach.” 

Being part of the Explore ProTech community has increased Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond in ways that Steven hadn’t expected. In terms of conversion, Steven now has ten clients:

  • 1 x international business with six leaders in six different countries.
  • 4 x South African-based businesses.
  • 2 x international individuals that he coaches in two different countries.
  • 3 x South African individuals around the country.

As well as receiving valuable training in how to use social media more effectively, and developing an understanding of how powerful video conferencing can be, Steven has also jumped on every opportunity that Explore ProTech has given him. From taking part in panel discussions to teaching other entrepreneurs, Steven has found a community where being a lonely entrepreneur is no longer the norm.

“It’s like living in a global village, Explore ProTech is the platform that connects that village.”

Steven spends his time being a valuable member of the TRIBE; he doesn’t attend the Global Speed Networking events to sell his services. “I don’t go in there selling what I do. I go in there, talk about what I do, they talk about what they do, we connect. I have conversations with them. It’s brilliant! So that for me is worth more than anything else. You know, it expands our opportunities, and it removes all borders.”

“You have an opportunity to get to experience what I have through Global Speed Networking. But that’s just the event; there is so much more on offer. You need to ask yourself, what is the cost of not joining Explore Protech?”

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