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What’s the Secret to Achieving Accelerated Growth in Your Small Business?

I have a question for you. Would you like to grow your business at an accelerated pace?

No, seriously. I lot of entrepreneurs say that that is what they want. Think about it. Do you want a business that can support you even when you’re not working in it? Would you like that security? Or do you really just want to freelance? Are you ready to be at the helm of an organization that is growing at an accelerated pace?

What are you willing to do to achieve accelerated growth in your small business?

If your goal is to achieve accelerated growth in your small business, then what are you willing to do to achieve that? How badly do you want it? Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to commit? Are you willing to believe us when we say that we KNOW EXACTLY what you need to do in order to achieve accelerated growth in your small business?

Achieving accelerated business growth is not complicated

We’ve helped entrepreneurs achieve accelerated growth in their small businesses. We’ve helped entrepreneurs go from not knowing what to do to be successful in business to becoming the masters of their own destiny. We’ve helped Rene Bresser achieve 115% of his salaried income in less than 6 months. We’ve helped Steven Levy build a global coaching business.

We’ve built the ultimate accelerated growth solution for entrepreneurs AND we are using it ourselves.

We used our own solution to achieve 500% growth in earnings for ourselves. Now, I’m going to ask you again – are you ready to listen to what we have to say?

Entrepreneurs think that achieving accelerated business growth is complicated. They believe that it’s a complex combination of different high-end costly solutions or top-secret certified coaching. It’s not.

This is the secret to achieving accelerated growth in your small business

If you want to achieve accelerated growth in your small business there are only two things you need to do. Yes, only TWO. Then why do most people never succeed in achieving accelerated growth in their small businesses? Because you need to do these TWO things CONSISTENTLY. You need to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. Then you need to COMMIT.

I’m talking about writing this on all your walls, in your diary. Put it on your phone where you can see it every day. Build a habit roster. Paint it on the ceiling. Whatever you need to do to REMEMBER this is what you need to do – do that.

Because life, and business, get complicated. People forget. It’s like signing up for a gym membership. You know that eating healthy and exercising regularly is the only actual real solution to achieving the body and health you want. Yet, we get busy. We forget. And we don’t do it. We don’t commit.

Just like anyone can achieve a drop-dead gorgeous body, if they’re willing to put in the hours in the gym to do it, any entrepreneur can achieve accelerated business growth – IF you’re willing to put in the hours to do it.

What are the TWO things that entrepreneurs need to do to enable themselves to achieve accelerated growth in their small business?

If you want to achieve accelerated growth in your small business there are only TWO things that you need to do CONSISTENTLY

1. Build relationships with people that CAN and would be willing to help achieve your accelerated business growth, provided you were friends.

2. Learn one new practical skill/ thing that will help you achieve accelerated business growth every week and IMPLEMENT your learnings actively as you work on your business model and strategy.

That is it. It’s that simple and that hard. Why? Let’s look at some of the fine print.

Build Relationships aka “Make Friends”

When Rene was struggling to figure out how to keep his family alive, after having been retrenched, it was Mr. Levy and Mr. Westwood that stepped in and, just because they were friends and wanted to help, started coaching him on what to do next. It was Mr. Levy, Mr. Westwood, and a bunch of other entrepreneurs in our business family that actively went out looking for work that Rene could do as part of his new business model. They made introductions, sent referrals, and sent advice. It was me and Peter that asked everyone in our business family to support Rene through this difficult time.

Because Rene had the RIGHT type of friends, that had the right skills to help him and because Rene was coachable and listened to and embraced all the support he was getting, he was able to not only take care of his family, achieving 100% of his previous salaried income from Month 1 in his business, but he was able to finally achieve an even higher income than what he was able to earn in full-time employment.

That is accelerated business growth and it was achieved because Rene had been showing up to our business family tea time relationship-building sessions, where he met Steven Levy and Steven Westwood. Not only that, he had followed our advice and scheduled regular coffee catch-up sessions with both of these people. He had made FRIENDS that could and did help him achieve accelerated business growth.

We have many more stories like this, but let’s leave this here, for now, and look at the second thing we NEED to COMMIT to doing if we’re going to achieve accelerated business growth in our small businesses.

Learn and Improve Weekly

Sommerville Lombard was one of the first entrepreneurs to join us. When she first joined us she had one local client. Three months later she had twelve global clients. What did she do? Well, on top of building relationships with the right people, she also NEVER EVER missed any of our tribe training sessions. Every single week she was the one person from our business family that you could always expect to see at our weekly training session.

When you’re starting your business from a place of desperation, you’re not able to PAY for all the learning you need to do. That’s where we started. Yet, we’ve learned from the best in the business. Our business model and strategy have evolved to include 8+ leaders, 6+ joint ventures, sophisticated lead generation, and marketing strategies. How is this possible?

It’s because we’ve been learning marketing from Marlon August, Lead Generation from Scott Cundill, Leadership from Steven Levy, messaging from Steven Westwood, Business Strategy from Peter Vasil and so much more. Ever since we started Explore ProTech we haven’t missed ONE tribe training session. We’ve been learning and implementing what we’ve learned every single week since we got going. That’s more than 52 direct improvements to our business strategy since we started.

You can’t achieve accelerated business growth in your small business if you’re only building relationships. You can’t achieve true accelerated business growth through only learning. But the combination of the TWO – WOW. That is where entrepreneurial magic happens. That is where you become unstoppable.

Nestene Botha

That’s WHY we’ve designed spaces in our entrepreneurial haven to provide us opportunities to do just that.

If you’re on your own – finding credible good and willing mentors to learn from is difficult by itself. Convincing them that they need to share their experience with you is close to impossible.

We solve that problem for our business family members by providing spaces where you can learn from AND build relationships with the right people that can and will help you accelerate your business growth, provided you do the work to become friends.

If you’re on your own – finding credible good and willing experienced entrepreneurs who can and will help you accelerate your business growth through contributing what they have is difficult.

Convincing them that they need to spend enough time in your space to give you a chance at becoming friends with them, is close to impossible.

If you’re one of our tribe members, it’s as easy as showing up to tribe training and sending the trainer a message in Zoom while they’re training – Hey, I’d love to have a coffee. Can I get your calendar link?

We’ve planned between 2 to 4 hours of spaces every week where you can show up, meet and learn from the RIGHT people.

Now all you need to do on top of that is go one step further and make friends. We’ve even created a WhatsApp group where all our business family members hang out – to help you do that.

So if you’re a tribe member, all you need to do is show up consistently.

And if you’re not a tribe member, maybe consider checking out our space. It’s free. It’s called dating the tribe and you can get the process started by booking a meeting with me and Peter.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts and experiences! Drop us a comment to get involved in the conversation. 🙂

Until next time – May all your wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Lots of Love,

Nestene and Peter

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