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Expand your Global client base, join the Explore Virtual Assistant Network.

Let’s go virtual globetrotting together!

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The Explore VAN is your empowerment and training vehicle, providing monthly educational experiences for you to enjoy with the rest of your VA community.

Look forward to sharing, learning, engaging, and socialising with your peers when the Explore VAN pulls up…

International Community

The VAN has been created with you in mind, offering a dynamic business solution that will boost your business opportunities, turnover, and credibility.

Your services are great but dare to think bigger and better!

Global Network

Janine Lingenfelder, the founder of Jelani Sales, has partnered with the Explore Protech Entrepreneurial Haven and The Sommerville Agency to establish the VAN.

This networking community was conceived to enable you and other VAs to better support your client base while expanding your business.

Business support

A highly experienced VA herself, Janine has created the Global Virtual Assistant Network to facilitate the pooling of VA resources, globally.

Who better to learn from and obtain support from, than others also operating in the VA space?

Calling all VA's to enjoy the Explore VAN experience with us…

Let’s go virtual globetrotting together!

Benefits of joining

Be a member of our professional VA community, supporting one another across the globe

Ongoing empowerment through regular training events and information sessions

Share social support within the group (VA life can be lonely)

Improved client support through upskilling and business coaching

Grow professionally and personally through international collaborations and skills sharing

Benefit from the establishment of a universal referral system within our VA network.

Global Support

As a Virtual Assistant, your services are diverse, and you support a variety of clients from multiple industries. That can be overwhelming.

But imagine the benefits of having immediate access to a society of VAs, empowering you through shared information, assistance, and encouragement – as and when you need it.
Suddenly, it feels as if you’re working with a full team, rather than on your own…

Being able to communicate with an international group of professional VAs will ensure your questions are answered 24/7 – no need to wait until everyone logs on for work locally!

By joining this Global Virtual Assistant Network, you have instant collaboration opportunities to complete projects for clients who require skills beyond your scope of experience, simply by tapping into your network.
Benefitting from each other’s expertise, the entire Global Virtual Assistant Network grows when such collaborations are formed.
Fancy a VA partner in every country? It’s possible – just don’t miss the Explore VAN!