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The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs

According to the latest JOLTS report, a record number of 4.4 million Americans left their jobs in September, accelerating a trend that has become known as the Great Resignation (Statista, 2021). YouTubers from all over the world are getting in on the action. But what is The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs?

What’s the word on the street about The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs?

Some of the videos I have enjoyed watching with regards to The Great Resignation and its impact on entrepreneurs include:

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How The Great Resignation is reshaping an American City

It seems like everyone is talking about The Great Resignation in some way, shape, or form. That is why we just couldn’t wait to chat with our global panel of entrepreneurs from around the world about the phenomenon. We specifically spoke about The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs.

Our Consensus about The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs

The overwhelming consensus amongst the entrepreneurs on our panel was that they are excited to see so many people from around the world taking the plunge, quitting the 9 to 5 and starting up businesses. They believe that this is a chance to create a better future for ourselves in the “age of entrepreneurship”.

Although they cautioned new entrepreneurs to not ‘jump without a parachute’, their overarching message was ‘join us’. What was interesting to note was the underlying motivation that drives this attitude towards The Great Resignation. It seems that people from all over the world are TIRED of living by laws that don’t always seem to make sense anymore.

There seems to be combined strife for creating something more meaningful. Another point that came up, for example, was all about ‘community.’ Our entrepreneurs spoke about the power of community and its ability to have a positive impact on the world we live in.

My Opinion about The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs

I feel like, what the pandemic did, was make all of us take a very hard, long look at our current realities. I believe that many people weren’t entirely happy with what they saw. I further believe that people started thinking more about their futures and what that would look like should they continue going about business with a business-as-usual-approach.

Basically, people weighed, assessed, and measured the future we are all creating for ourselves by living the lives we are living today, and they decided that it wasn’t worth it. Something needed to change. Cue The Great Resignation. An Era in which people are finding themselves in a space where they’ve finally decided that they want more, and they’re willing to risk everything to get it.

But before you resign… things to consider about The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs

One of the things that our panel did advise was that they strongly recommend new entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs find a community to belong to. This is crucial to help them through those first few uncertain years in their entrepreneurial journey. Let’s face it, entrepreneurship is freaking tough and isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a loving business family to take care of you, whilst advising you and helping you build and learn, the journey just might turn out to be worth it.

That’s why we were so proud of our panel of entrepreneurs who basically put the message out there to say “come join us, we’ll help you.” It gives me so much hope for the future when I see entrepreneurs acting that way – and I believe it will pay off for them! At the end of the day – there is strength in numbers, but there is even more strength in shared values working together towards a common goal and that is what we’re creating.

A final word on The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs

So my advice with regards to The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurship is this:

  • This is a GOLDEN opportunity for existing entrepreneurs to strengthen their tribe.
  • It is also a GOLDEN opportunity for new entrepreneurs to receive the help and support they need, whilst jumping into the self-employed business for the first time.
  • Furthermore, it is a GOLDEN opportunity for society to create a better, brighter, nicer future for all of us.

BUT, all of this is only possible if we continue to:

  • choose to live out our values and find more people that share those.
  • follow through on finding good people for our community.
  • actively get involved in building communities that have dedicated themselves to creating a better future for all of us.

If we can do that – we can thrive – as entrepreneurs and as humans. And that is The Great Resignation’s impact on entrepreneurs.

What is your opinion on The Great Resignation’s Impact on Entrepreneurs?

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With lots of love. I hope that the reading of this blog post brings you that one step closer to making all your WILDEST entrepreneurial dreams come true!

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