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What is the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel Opportunity for Entrepreneurs?

The Explore ProTech Youtube Channel is a Youtube Channel Opportunity for Entrepreneurs. It is dedicated to creating engaging content, visibility opportunities, and SAFE sharing spaces for entrepreneurs from around the world.

The entrepreneurs in the Explore ProTech Tribe are constantly working together with the Explore ProTech Youtube Rockstars Taskforce to further this vision.

Creating content for entrepreneurs

We want to have the best, most amazing content for entrepreneurs on our Youtube Channel. That is why we’ve opened up our Youtube Channel for all entrepreneurs from the Explore ProTech Tribe to contribute to. We are working together to grow this channel because when people that share the same values work together towards a common goal, the goal just gets accomplished that much faster.

That is why, when you open up our Youtube Channel you’ll see content from different entrepreneurs from all around the world on there.

Shows that you may want to check out include, for example:

Creating Safe Spaces for Entrepreneurs

The LIVE chat and comments on all our shows are dedicated to being a SAFE space for entrepreneurs to post their comments and share their thoughts and journeys. This is where entrepreneurs can find peers, support, and assistance – from fellow entrepreneurs and from the Explore ProTech Tribe.

No matter when you log in or how late you comment, there will always be someone to get back to you with a friendly reply and a warm welcome. And depending on what you’re looking for you may find support, collaboration partners, coaches, friends, advice, resources, and more – just by asking.

Creating Visibility Solutions for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur and your target customers are also entrepreneurs, then the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel is the place where you should be showing up to get noticed by potential clients and fans.

We’re pushing to make the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel THE PLACE to hang out for global entrepreneurs. When we make this happen there will be no hotter place to get more visibility than on one of the shows run on our Youtube Channel.

This will be the place where global entrepreneurs come to learn about global solutions and industry leaders. We want all our show hosts to have more fans in entrepreneurs than the Kardashians have in entertainment and fashion. And we will make this happen because we’ve got a tribe and a task force dedicated to making this happen.

The Explore ProTech Youtube Channel Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

At the time of writing this blog post, our Youtube Channel has 583 subscribers and is being run by a Joint Venture Taskforce made up of Klarissa Botes, Angeli van Rensburg, and Mo Malele. There are various ways for entrepreneurs to get involved in and benefit from the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel Opportunity for Entrepreneurs.

There is an opportunity for two highly motivated entrepreneurs, who can make meaningful contributions towards ensuring the success of this joint venture project, to join the task force on a joint venture profit share basis.

There is a further opportunity for Youtubers (current and aspiring) to get involved in building the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel. YouTubers can contribute and market content, thereby helping to make this venture successful by increasing subscribers and viewers.

There is another opportunity for coaches, marketers, and other entrepreneurs to get involved. They can get involved by supporting and helping the task force as much as they can. This can be done in exchange for visibility benefits once the youtube channel reaches a certain number of subscribers.

Get in touch with Mo Malele to discuss opportunities related to the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel.

A Grande Vision benefiting Many Entrepreneurs from around the world

At the end of the day, the Explore ProTech Youtube Channel has a grand vision of benefitting and helping MANY entrepreneurs from around the world with visibility solutions, safe spaces, and content that features the stuff that actually matters to them. It is a project that will connect and benefit entrepreneurs from around the globe.

And it is only made possible by the entrepreneurs that are brave enough to jump in feet first because they WANT to create a better future for all of us.

I trust that this blog post has once again inspired you and given you hope and inspiration for a better community-based future for all of us.

May the reading of this blog post has brought you that one step closer to making all your wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true.

And remember to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to support entrepreneurs from around the world creating a better future for all of us!

Lots of love and chat soon!

Nestene and Peter

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