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Guest blog opportunity for entrepreneurs

Guest Blog Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

Our guest blog opportunity for entrepreneurs provides entrepreneurs across the globe the chance to get themselves noticed by our followers.

The best guest blog opportunity for entrepreneurs around the world

Our followers are entrepreneurs from around the world, looking for inspiration, ideas, authentic advice, strategic tips, connections, and friends in business. Our blog gets distributed via our social media channels and our email list. Our email list includes 2,500 entrepreneurs from around the world we’ve all personally met.

Our social media channels include Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus. At the time of writing this blog post, our collective reach across our social media channels was 20,000. We want to share that reach with you – our guest bloggers.

Guest blogs help us keep our content fresh and further increase our reach. Guest bloggers benefit from writing for our blog through tapping into our distribution network. It increases your reach, credibility, and visibility exponentially. If you are an entrepreneur that serves other entrepreneurs this is an incredible opportunity.

Why our guest blog opportunity for entrepreneurs is such an amazing opportunity

Image by Werner Moser from Pixabay

According to Semrush.com:

  • Blog posts remain the most effective form of content marketing over email, ebooks, and white papers.
  • 84% of companies have a content marketing strategy.
  • Bloggers who utilize blogging for marketing purposes see 13 times the ROI of businesses that don’t.
  • There are 89,409 Google searches per second.

It really takes a few of the right people to notice and share your content to make sure you yield great results from it. That’s what makes the exposure we offer you so special.

Our followers include members of our entrepreneurial business family. These people have been building relationships with us and each other since the start of 2020. They are some of the best, most amazing business people you’ve ever met. They’re also some of the most connected and educated people you’ll ever meet.

By writing for our blog you’re giving these people the chance to notice and get to know you. Now if you write about something that is actually of interest to them, you further have the chance to impress them, earn their respect and turn them into your own social media advocates.

By regularly guest posting on our blog, and by always serving up your very best advice, insights, opinions, and content for this purpose you have a real chance of significantly increasing your influence in the b2b entrepreneurial sector.

How to take advantage of our guest blog opportunity for entrepreneurs

So if this sounds good to you, and you’d like to give it a go, the steps to participate in this process are simple.

Image by Peter Olexa from Pixabay

Step 1: Download the Explore ProTech Guest Blogging Guidelines

Step 2: Write your blog post in compliance with our Guest Blogging Guidelines

Step 3: Submit your blog post to us on a Google Doc document via email

Step 4: Complete the review process and adjust blog post where necessary

Step 5: Wait to receive confirmation that your blog is published

Step 6: Distribute the blog post and encourage engagement

If you have questions about this process feel free to book a meeting with Peter & Nestene to discuss any questions or ideas you may have.

We hope that this blog post inspired you and that it has brought you that one step closer to making all your wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true!

Lots of love,

Nestene & Peter

PS: To get ideas of topics that traditionally work well to engage our followers just browse the video titles on our Youtube Channel.

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