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Blogging guidelines for entrepreneurs

Blogging Guidelines: Explore ProTech Blog

Target Market

Our followers are entrepreneurs from across the globe. They are interested in relationship building and practical advice that will actually enable them to grow their businesses.

If you’re not sure what to write about a good starting place could be to browse the titles of the videos on our Youtube Channel. Another good starting place is to have conversations with the entrepreneurs in our network – getting their opinions on possible things you could write about.

In fact, it is highly recommended that you have those conversations. Not only will it enable you to pick a title that will really hit home but it will allow for you to raise awareness of your coming blog post. In that way, people will already be excited about reading and sharing it, even before it drops.

Dating the tribe

All guest bloggers are required to complete the ‘dating the tribe’ process. This is because we need to make sure that this blog opportunity is successful in increasing your visibility and the visibility of your content. The only guaranteed way to do that is to spend time with the people that will be reading and distributing your content.

The better you can excite our tribe members and recruit them for distributing your content, the more successful this blogging opportunity will be in generating the kind of visibility you’ve always dreamed of for your content.

Post length

Our followers enjoy reading posts that are between 300 and 1,000 words. Please keep within these guidelines.


Pick a focus keyphrase of between 3 and 5 words and repeat it:

  • in the title
  • in the introduction of the post
  • in two of your headline titles
  • twice more throughout your blog post
  • include 3 high res images in your blog post with captions to say thank you to the distributor of the image


Include an external link to any of the Explore ProTech Youtube Videos in your blog post.

Include an ”about the author” section at the end of your blog post with ONE link to either your website or one of your social media channels.

Include links where credible third-party sources are referenced.

Do not include any other links in your blog post.

Include a heading for every 3 to 4 paragraphs in your blog post.

Don’t include more than three sentences in any one paragraph.

Keep sentence length below 20 words per sentence.


While you are ‘dating the tribe’ you are encouraged to create opportunities for distribution for your blog post with relevant tribe members.

Explore ProTech will distribute your blog post on Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Ensure that you follow/ subscribe to us on all of these channels so that we can tag you in the posts. We will also distribute the blog post to our email list.

Once we’ve released the social posts you will be sent the links to these posts. You are required to like and comment on each post. You’re required to tag a minimum of 5 potential readers in 5 separate comments on each post. You are also required to share each of the posts with your network.

You are required to distribute your blog post on your own social media sites and to your own email list.

You are also required to distribute your blog post directly to 50 of your direct contacts. This can be done by sending a personal personalised message via Linkedin, Whatsapp or Email to 50 people you know, encouraging them to read your blog post and engagee in the comments of the post.


You are required to encourage engagement with your blog post in the comment section by asking relevant parties in your network to comment on your blog post. You are required to respond to all comments on your blog post in an engaging and encouraging fashion.

You are required to send us an email with proof that you’ve complied with our distribution and engagement requirements should you wish to be considered for future opportunities.


We will send your blog post to two fellow bloggers to read and review in a blind peer-review process. This double-blind peer-review process is designed to make sure your content is spot on and hits the spot with our readership as soon as it is published.

You will be required to respond to all comments and take them into account when rewriting your blog post. Once your reviewers are satisfied with the quality of your work your blog post will be released for publication on our blog.

You will also be required to review two blog posts for your fellow bloggers. This is to say thank you to the blogging community at Explore ProTech. It also helps you ensure that the content that is published alongside your blog post is just as good as yours.

As part of your review process, you need to read the proposed blog post, give comments to the reviewed blogger and work with them until the content is good enough to be released for publication.

Publishing of blog posts

Once your blog post is published on the Explore ProTech blog you will not be allowed to publish it on any other blog. You are welcome to post screenshots of it, with a link back to the Explore ProTech blog where it first appeared.


You will be required to help distribute two of your fellow bloggers posts.

This entails you sharing and commenting on social media posts, and directly distributing the post to 50 of your contacts on Whatsapp, Email or Linkedin via personal personalised messages.

You need to do this for both blog posts we’ll assign to you.

You are also required to leave an encouraging, insightful, supportive comment on each of the blog posts we assign to you.


You’ll pay us a deposit of 65 USD to get the ball rolling.

Once you’ve proved your compliance with our collaboration, engagement and distribution requirements, we’ll reimburse you half of your investment (32.5 USD).

Explore ProTech Tribe Members only have to pay a deposit of 32.5 USD and will get reimbursed 50% of their total deposit once they’ve proved their compliance with our collaboration, engagement and distribution requirements.

Getting started

To get started you need to write your blog post, taking our guidelines into account, on a Google Doc document.

Then book a meeting with us and include the link to your blog post in the booking notes.

We will be in touch to guide you through the rest of the process from there.

We are excited to see what you do with this opportunity!

Lots of love.

Nestene & Peter

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