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The Ultimate Scaling Solution for busy, ambitious entrepreneurs

Are you looking for the ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs?

Do you want more time to spend with family and friends and doing the things that you love? Do you want greater financial security? How about more recurring income that doesn’t depend solely on you generating it? Would you like to have the power to make or break a new business venture, by making one phone call?

Have you tried to get to this point in business by yourself with your own entrepreneurial ventures? Have you ended up semi-successful, burnt out, and disillusioned? Do you still want more?

If your answers to the above questions have been predominantly yes, then continue reading. In doing so you’ll find out more about our ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs. You’ll also find out how we’re helping each other to accomplish all of the above and more.

What the heck is Explore ProTech Joint Ventures?

Explore ProTech Joint Ventures is the ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurs are ambitious, creative, fun, caring, committed entrepreneur that aren’t afraid to dream big and put in the work to make those big dreams reality. Explore ProTech is the home in which they are encouraged to find themselves, their dreams, and their ideal lifestyle. The Explore ProTech Tribe is their business family. Our Joint Venture system is the way through which all of this is monetized.

But how does it actually work?

Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven is inhabited by fun, authentic, caring entrepreneurs from around the world. Our mission is to help each other make our wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true. We are creating the ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs. We are doing this by building our entrepreneurial home in joint venture fashion, aligning as many of our collective goals as possible, along the way.

It’s no secret that, when people manage to align their goals, they achieve those goals at a rapidly faster pace than if they were going at it alone (provided that their values align of course). This basic principle can be seen in team sports, and in organizational leadership. And now, thanks to Explore ProTech, this magical phenomenon has become available to a select group of entrepreneurs as well.

That is the magic of Explore ProTech. It is literally a case of “if I help you to make your dreams come true, that will naturally lead to my dreams coming true, so by working together we make each other’s dreams come true, so let’s just work together.” That’s the secret ingredient in our ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs.

The genius design of the ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs

Of course, any home that is going to be fit for the 500 entrepreneurs on the Forbes 500 list, needs a proper design. That’s why our top business coaches and entrepreneurial strategists have been working tirelessly for about a year and a half on the design of our ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs.

Our ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs/ the Explore ProTech’s Entrepreneurial Home is built on four pillars. These four pillars are the areas in which our entrepreneurial tribe members have the opportunity to build, monetize and earn from.

The four pillars of our entrepreneurial home are:

  1. Lead Generation
  2. Virtual Visibility
  3. Cutting Edge
  4. Lifeforce

Pillar One of the Ultimate Scaling Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs: Lead Generation

In the Lead Generation Area members are encouraged to work together to build solutions to generate leads for the tribe. The ultimate goal is to build up this area so that we, collectively, are generating more leads than could ever be consumed for every single member of our tribe.

At the time of writing this article, the collaborative joint ventures that are operating in this area are:

  1. Global Online Speed Networking Events Joint Venture
  2. Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network) Joint Venture

Pillar Two of the Ultimate Scaling Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs : Virtual Visibility

In the Virtual Visibility pillar members are encouraged to build solutions to generate virtual visibility for the tribe. The ultimate goal is to build up this area so that we generate more fans than the Kardashians have, for each and every single tribe member. If one of our entrepreneurs comes up with a new product, saying, book, course, etc. on Saturday, by Sunday we want it to be on every single radio station, tv channel, magazine, and youtube show in the world.

At the time of writing this article, the collaborative joint ventures that were operating in this area was:

  1. The Visibility Ninja’s/ Youtube Rockstars Joint Venture
  2. The Blog Force Joint Venture

Pillar Three of the Ultimate Scaling Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs : Cutting Edge

In the Cutting Edge pillar members are encouraged to build solutions that generate a cutting edge for the tribe. The ultimate goals it to build up this area so that we generate more innovative solutions and competitive edge for our tribe members than Google does for their consumers.

At the time of writing this article, the collaborative joint ventures that were operating in this area was:

  1. Making it t(rain) tribe training group joint venture
  2. Fempreneurs coaching course joint venture
  3. Explore ProTech Shop for Entrepreneurs joint venture

Pillar Four of the Ultimate Scaling Solution for Busy Entrepreneurs : Lifeforce

In the Lifeforce pillar members are encouraged to build solutions that generate lifeforce and lifestyle solutions for the tribe. The ultimate goal is to build up this area until our entrepreneurs have access to the best, most amazing lifestyle solutions to be found anywhere and everywhere in the world.

At the time of writing this article, the collaborative joint ventures that were operating in this are included:

  1. The Health Avengers joint venture

What are the requirements for Explore ProTech Joint Ventures?

To be able to make use of the incredible opportunity of either creating your own joint venture within one of the four Explore ProTech pillars, you have to meet certain requirements. These are:

  1. All members of Explore ProTech Joint Ventures have to be active Explore ProTech Tribe Members
  2. All joint ventures have to be monetized, and supported by a sustainable business plan, so that tribe members create sustainable streams of income for themselves by being involved in a joint venture
  3. All joint ventures have to benefit the Explore ProTech Tribe as well as the members involved in driving it
  4. All joint venture leaders have to report to the Explore ProTech Tribe on progress made and resources needed on a monthly basis at every tribe strategy meeting
  5. All joint ventures have to operate in a way that promotes our Tribe’s values of Fun, Authentic, Caring, Teaching/ Learning, Safe spaces/ conduct

What opportunities remain for getting involved in Explore ProTech Joint Ventures?

We need to find 500 entrepreneurs to work with us, who want to contribute to building the tribe, in the joint venture fashion. At the time of writing this article, we had only found about 75 entrepreneurs who fit the description of our ideal tribe member.

That means that there are still more than 400 spots left in our business family. In the joint venture space itself, there are many opportunities and open spaces left in each pillar. The easiest way to find the ones that will suit you is to talk to our tribe members or co-founders about what they’re up to and where you could fit in.

How do I go about figuring out if this is the space for me?

Obviously, working in a joint venture fashion, with other entrepreneurs, require that you really share the values of the tribe members, become friends with, and enjoy working with the people, as you’ll be most likely working with them for a while!

That is why it is not possible for anyone to buy their way into our tribe. If you want to find out if our tribe could be a good fit for you, you’ll have to date us.

Dating us involves meeting with one of our tribe leaders. Should this first meeting go well and yield promising results, you will then be introduced to a minimum of 3 of our tribe members. You’ll also be invited to share our collaborative spaces with us for two weeks. Whatever events, shows, and meetings we have going on in those two weeks you’ll be invited to and welcomed at.

After the two weeks, if you believe that this is a space that you could build in, and thrive in, and a business family that you could become a part of, you’ll get back in touch with the original tribe leader you met with. The tribe leader would’ve monitored your progress throughout the two weeks of dating the tribe and would’ve received feedback from the tribe members that met with you during your time with us.

If we feel, after observing the way you interact with our original tribe members and group dynamic, that you’re a good fit for our business family you’ll be invited to join the tribe as a valued tribe member and new family member. This is where the fun starts!

What is required of new tribe members?

Explore ProTech Tribe Members are treated like family. We won’t keep tabs on you or question your loyalty if we haven’t seen you for a while. But in order to be successful in integrating into your new business family, and in order to make the most of the solution that our beautiful tribe offers to you in terms of building your entrepreneurial ventures, you will be expected to:

  1. Get to know your new business family by arranging one on one virtual coffee meetups with existing tribe members
  2. Build relationship through sharing experiences with your new business family members, at weekly Explore ProTech events, meetings and shows
  3. Chat in the Explore ProTech Whatsapp Group to build relationship with fellow family members through helping, supporting and inspiring each other as often as you can
  4. Supporting Joint Ventures through contributions as and when you can, starting with attending and contributing to our monthly tribe strategy meetings and when you are ready – join a joint venture group so you can start earning from your support!
  5. Come up with, and help other tribe members come up with, innovative ways to use the tribe and the solutions available through the tribe to BUILD YOUR BUSINESS

Where do I start?

The very first step is to book a meeting with one of our tribe leaders. Do it now.

The second step is to date the tribe. Put your best foot forward, take advantage of everything we have to offer, and then really think about whether or not you could USE what we have to offer to build your business.

The third, and never-ending, step is to feed your business family! Build relationships. Get support. Give support. Be tenacious and strategic in the way you USE the tribe to build your business.

Remember, we can only ever be successful in making our dreams come true if you succeed in making yours come true. So commit, build and ASK FOR HELP when and where you need it!

The more we collectively raise the net worth of the individuals that make up our tribe, the closer we get to our goal of having all our 500 members on the Forbes 500 list. The more wealth each of our individual tribe members can create by using our collective solutions and support, the more we are in a position to give a hand-up to our other tribe members.

The way we are building – the hand up method

Have you ever witnessed how a team climbs a mountain? Our method of building our entrepreneurial ventures is based on this.

Teams can climb mountains that are too steep for one person to climb. They do this by using the hand-up method. This method involves one team member pushing another team member up the mountain. The team member that has been pushed then turns back to give a hand up to the other team members.

In Explore ProTech this is the way we’re ‘climbing’ up the entrepreneurial mountain. We’re not giving out handouts to each other. We are giving hand-ups whenever we can because we know that by doing this we’re creating our own success. We know that each person we push up the mountain WILL turn back to give us another hand up the mountain.

And that is the secret in the way we are building. If you look at any of our success stories you’ll see it clearly – the hand-up system. The more people we can do this with, the quicker we reach the top! It is essential to ‘get’ this way of thinking in order for you to be successful in utilizing the tribe to build your business ventures.

The reward for learning our ways

If you are successful in learning our ways, following our methods, and building your business ventures through utilizing the collective power of the tribe you should soon find yourself in a position where you are experiencing:

  • More time available for doing things that you love
  • More passive income and/ or additional income streams
  • Diversified risk through being involved in various ventures
  • Increased resilience and peace of mind knowing that you’ve built relationships that will take care of you and your family for the rest of your life
  • More friendships and greater fulfillment
  • More power – in the form of buying power, social support and business support
  • Increased buy-in with regards to the launch of new products and ventures
  • Increased visibility
  • More leads with less work
  • Improved business strategy that actually works in realy life!
  • Better balance in lifestyle
  • More time to spend with family and friends
  • A healthier, more fulfilled you
  • Improved knowledge with regards to different entrepreneurial tactics, practices, strategies, concepts and tools

This might sound too good to be true, but, again if you look at our success stories – these are not rewards that some marketing person somewhere has made up… these are the words that our existing tribe members have used to describe what has been happening to them since they joined us. That is why we are confident to refer to our entrepreneurial home as the ultimate scaling solution for busy entrepreneurs

What’s the catch and what’s the cost?

There is no catch. A lot of people, when they first meet us, classify us as ‘too good to be true.’ That is, until they actually start dating the tribe, visit our spaces, experience our community, and speak with the people behind the ‘success stories’ page.

Remember, at the end of the day, Peter and I (the co-founders) only benefit from this whole adventure when you do. We’ve built our business model to align our goals to yours. When your dreams come true, ours do too.

That is why we charge the way we do. We charge a monthly membership fee that covers our basic costs for running the network. The rest of our income (the real money) only comes from Joint Ventures run by tribe members. So again, if you are successful, we are. We do not charge our members anything extra ever.

There are no hidden charges for extra special features or events or anything. You guys are our business family. We won’t take advantage of you, charge you extra, trick you or sell you – EVER. You have our word and our values to prove that. We’re doing this so that we can help make YOU successful because we only really profit when you are successful!

In terms of our membership fees. At the time of writing this article, those were priced at 45 USD. However, we are stacking the pricing in stages. That means that we started, for example, with a FREE membership. Our first members, that started working with us when membership was FREE, will forever be on the FREE membership plan.

Once we had about 12 strong members in our tribe we bumped up the membership fee to 25 USD per month. The people that got in at 25 USD per month will forever be paying 25 USD per month. Etc, etc, etc.

The reason for stacking our membership fees

The reason for stacking the pricing of our membership fees is two-fold.

Number One. We want to reward the people that get in early. The entrepreneurs that were helping us from the beginning and that believed in us even before we even started mentioning the Forbes 500 list have to be rewarded.

Number two. The more tribe members we have, the more value newbies get from joining the tribe. It wouldn’t be fair to charge the person that joined us when we were 12 tribe members, the same as the person that joins us when we are 450 tribe members. So you pay for value.

So it’s up to you. If you join early you’ll contribute more in ‘building our tribe’ and less in monetary value. If you join later you’ll contribute more in monetary value than in actually ‘building our tribe’.

Does that make sense?

Please pop your questions into the comments in this blog so we can answer them!

I hope that reading this blog has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you. I wish it intrigues and inspires you to start building using the power of community.

I want to challenge you to actively work towards using community to unlock more of the rewards mentioned earlier in this article. And remember to SHARE your journey with us!

Even if you don’t end up joining our tribe, you’re still more than welcome to join our Coffee Shop Conversations Show every week LIVE on Youtube. Here you can learn with us and share your journey in a SAFE and supportive environment.

You’re also more than welcome to join our monthly networking events to connect with entrepreneurs from various industries across the globe.

And, if you’re in the mood for a date, you’re more than welcome to book a coffee with one of our Tribe Leaders, so we can explore how we could potentially assist each other in making all our wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true.

Lots of love and we look forward to keeping in touch and seeing you around!

Nestene & Peter

PS: Also sign up for our email list if you want to be Pen Pals, receive occasional updates and offers from us, and get invited to our events.

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