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This sponsorship package allows you to gain premium visibility on one or more of our Success Story Blog Posts.


About our Success Stories


Our success story blog posts tell the story of each of our entrepreneurs and their journey. It talks about where they were before they met us, what they experienced once they joined the tribe, what interventions took place and where they are at now.

Each success story is written up in the form of a narrative case study – really giving the reader the opportunity to get up close and personal with one entrepreneur’s journey. Each of them is made with love – to give the reader not only goosebumps, but hope, and a taste of what is possible once you find your community.

The success stories are all written to be hyper-shareable and easily digestible and are featured on a special page on the Explore ProTech Website. This is why they are ideally positioned for sponsorship.

See success stories available for sponsorship over here.


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Success stories are distributed in the following ways:


To our monthly website visitors (300 and growing)

To our monthly Tribe Dates via an automated email sequence (25 individually invited entrepreneurs and growing)

To our members via our onboarding email sequence (79 and growing)

Via our Master Email list (2,500 and growing)


Via our social media channels:


Linkedin (19,000 and growing)

Facebook (1,670 and growing)

Instagram (340 and growing)

Twitter (90 and growing)

Youtube (3,400 and growing)



As the sponsor of a certain Success Story you will receive:


1. Your logo and a special signature “sponsored by” sash uploaded to the success story blog thumbnail.


2. Your logo and a special signature ‘sponsored by” sash posted to all our social media channels and distributed via all our distribution channels thanking you for sponsoring the story.


3. A special thank you at the beginning and end of the blog post – thanking you for your sponsorship and reminding our readers that it is because of sponsors like you that we are able to create and tell these amazing success stories – sharing hope with the world.


4. A blurb about what you do and where people can contact you, together with either your Linkedin or website link featured at the end of the blog post.




Act fast, because although we have a myriad of written (and still to be written) success stories, we can only accommodate one sponsor per story.

Once you’ve checked out your sponsorship package we’ll get in touch to confirm which success stories are available for sponsorship.

For questions, or to find out which events are still available for sponsorship, please speak to Nestene Botha at nestene@exploreprotech.com or +27 60 849 3991.