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Get featured at GOSN (Global Online Speed Networking) sponsorship package

This sponsorship package allows you to gain premium visibility at one or more of our (GOSN) Global Online Speed Networking Events.




About the Global Online Speed Networking Events


Global Online Speed Networking is an event that our Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce runs on a monthly basis.

In the audience are our Tribe Members – Entrepreneurs in the B2B services field from around the world – and their guests.

Event attendees profile


The profile of our entrepreneurs is mostly solopreneurs or entrepreneurs with small teams. On average about 40% of our entrepreneurs are from Canada and the US, 40% are from South Africa, and 20% are from Europe and the rest of Africa.

At any given Global Online Speed Networking event you can expect between 20 and 50 entrepreneurs to be present.

At the event, it has become customary for Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce Team Members and Tribe Members to ‘wear’ their Explore ProTech Zoom Backgrounds as a sign of supporting and being part of the tribe.

Why do entrepreneurs attend the event?


Entrepreneurs attend the event in order to network, gain access to global markets, and spark connections with other key players in the field from around the world.

The entire event is focused on providing entrepreneurs a chance to connect in the fun, authentic, caring way that has become the signature feel of all Explore ProTech events. No guest speakers are allowed to speak at our events because the audience is there to spark connections with each other, not to listen to one speaker.

That’s why this event is perfectly set up to receive and give value to the sponsor.


What does buying the Global Online Speed Networking Event Sponsorship Package get you?


As the sponsor of a certain Global Online Speed Networking Event you will receive:


1. A thank you at the beginning and end of the event by Nestene and Peter

We will make sure the audience understands that it is your sponsorship contribution that makes it possible for us to create and offer this beautiful space to attendees on an ongoing basis.


2. One offer announcement by our MC

Our MC will announce one offer of your choice to the attendees, with a call to action, while our admin team posts the links into the chat at the event.

Our MC will actively encourage attendees to sign up for your offer as it further supports us being able to run and offer this event to everybody on a monthly basis.

In between breakout rooms our MS and admin team members will continue to remind attendees of the offer, and how to access it.


3. Lead Magnet Distribution

If you have a lead magnet that you’d like us to distribute, we will email that to all registrants for the event and remind everyone at the event that it has been emailed.


4. Logo Displayed on Zoom Backgrounds

We will display the logo of the sponsor on the Zoom Backgrounds of all the Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce Members. This means that your logo will be displayed throughout the entire event, by multiple people, and in every breakout room.



Once you’ve checked out your sponsorship package we’ll get in touch to confirm the date of the next Global Online Speed Networking Event available for sponsorship.

For questions, or to find out which events are still available for sponsorship, please speak to Megan Deers at megandcreative@gmail.com or +27 61 643 3969.