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Get featured at Referral Circle sponsorship package


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This sponsorship package allows you to gain premium visibility at one or more of our Referral Circle meetings, as well as in our permanent Tribe Training Academy.


About the Referral Circle Space


Our Referral Circle Space exists to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to get to know each other, swop referrals and share their knowledge.

Every week, once a week, our entrepreneurs get together, share what they’re up to and who they’re looking to meet, and swop introductions and referrals. One of the entrepreneurs also presents on a topic that is helpful to the entire group.

Roughly 40 minutes of each meeting is dedicated to networking, with the remaining 20 minutes being allocated to a presenter.


Referral Circle events are available for Tribe Members and select guests to attend live on Zoom. Presentations are also repackaged as on-demand recordings that can be accessed through our Tribe Training Academy.


Attendees profile


Attendees include entrepreneurs from around the world, generally 40% from Canada and the US, 40% from South Africa, and 20% from Europe and the rest of Africa.


All entrepreneurs that attend are growing their businesses and are either in the start-up, scale-up, or buildup phase and interested in the topic being tackled in the dedicated session.


The space is a casual space where entrepreneurs can talk, ask questions, interact, and also network with top trainers and entrepreneurs from around the world.


That is why the space is ideally suited to sponsorship.


As the sponsor of a certain Explore ProTech Referral Circle session you will receive:


1. Your logo uploaded together with our signature ‘sponsored by’ sash to the Youtube Thumbnail that identifies the training in our Tribe Training Academy.


2. Your offer and contact link listed in the Youtube Video Description for the session.


3. A live thank you, and recognition for helping to make it possible for us to bring these training sessions and make them available to entrepreneurs around the world at the beginning and end of the meeting.


4. Announcement of your offer and active encouragement to attendees to take you up on that offer because our sponsors helps make it possible for us to have these sessions.




Once you’ve checked out your sponsorship package we’ll get in touch to confirm the date of the next Referral Circle available for sponsorship.

For questions, or to find out which events are still available for sponsorship, please speak to Nestene Botha at nestene@exploreprotech.com or +27 60 849 3991.