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Mentoring with Purpose

When last were you on a rollercoaster ride? Are you the adrenalin junky that will go for the most death defying experiences and ridiculous heights like the tower of terror? Do you like the twists and turns or do you like slow and steady with foreseeable turns not too far ahead? We think that any entrepreneur will tell you that starting and running a business is pretty much like riding on a rollercoaster. You will have your ups and downs, highs and lows and unexpected twists around the next bend, but that is the entrepreneurial journey. Do you want to know what the best part is about riding a rollercoaster? The company and the people that you take the ride with. 😊

You probably thought well I have the company part sorted, because I have my awesome tribe that is on the ride with me and that is so true, we are with at every twist and turn. But who can help at those unexpected twists and turns in your business? Who can help you to stay on track and focused on your business goals? That would be a mentor. Steven Levy from Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond and Rene Bresser from Kraft Digital Design share the importance and benefits of mentoring.

Steven Levy from Dare2Be Coaching

Why is it important to have a mentor when you are a business owner?
As a business owner, engaging in courses, reading, and learning, are all meaningful contributors to making a success of your business. However, there is nothing that trumps experience. Entrepreneurship is by no means an easy journey and with real-world challenges…some of them unexpected. Overcoming them without experience, you will do but not without struggle. Having a mentor who is willing to share their experience and knowledge with you will most certainly support you in reducing some if not all of the stress of overcoming these hurdles. They also provide support and a form of comfort or affirmation in the form of having someone as a sounding board when it comes to critical decision making.

How has your mentoring helped Rene Bresser to achieve 140% increase in his business?
Firstly, meeting with him primarily to LISTEN to the space he found himself in and the real challenges he was left to face. Having faced a similar situation in my journey helped me to understand how he felt and asking him specific questions aimed at him unpacking the fears he had regarding, I suppose what for him looked like a bleak future and how he could use his years’ experience, knowledge and expertise (which we tend to discount) to create the highest probability of moving to the next level of generating revenue to at least get close as possible to what he was earning. In other words, best to keep his focus looking forward to immediate targets (in this instance that required immediate action, no long-term vision), with what he has as opposed to being stuck in what he does not have.

That all said, the CREDIT MUST go to Rene, not even debatable, for having the courage, self-belief, and faith, to implement that which we discussed, and he committed to (without this the mentorship/coaching would have counted for nothing).

What are some of the challenges that business owners face that a mentor could help them with?
Critical decision making/Dealing with the fear of the unknown or entering unchartered waters (making mistakes is a part of any business journey and accepting that)/guidance on the financial implications and options/dealing with people, be it your own, suppliers, of course customers and an extremely important factor “trusting your instinct” which is very important.

Do you think it is beneficial to have a mentor in the tribe when you are a new member and why?
Without any shadow of doubt whatsoever, and as quickly as possible – day 1.

When a newbie joins the TRIBE, we tend to forget how long it took us to settle in and understand the dynamic and culture of the TRIBE. This can prove unsettling for a new member (even having dated the tribe) and assigning a mentor to “hold their hand” and integrate them into the family whilst being a Pillar of support until they feel okay to let go of your hand, is priceless. It is key to MEMBERSHIP RETENTION.

Rene Bresser from Kraft Digital Design

Why did you choose Steven Levy as your mentor?
Actually, Steven found me. We have both been part of Explore Protech for some time. When I lost my day-job in August 2021, Steven offered to help me on his own accord. The advice and guidance I received from Steven laid a solid foundation for me to start growing my business.

Is Steven your mentor in the tribe or to you as a business owner?
Steven is my mentor in all aspects of my life. Steven gave me valuable advice in my personal life as well as business. At the end of the day, it is intertwined and the one cannot function without the other. Steven helped to balance work and private life.

What were some of the challenges you were facing prior to having Steven as your mentor?
I had a number of challenges when I was forced into full time self-employment. I was close to burn-out and did not know how to balance my private life and my business at the same time. With Steven’s help I was able to manage my time, finances, and many other aspects more effectively. I was not in a good space when I lost my job and Steven helped me put everything into perspective and have a calmer approach to growing my business.

What are the benefits of having a mentor?
In my case, Steven’s wealth of knowledge and personal approach made it easy for me to open up to him. Steven has worked with many companies in different sectors and also had many years of experience having his own business. If you are willing to open yourself up to advice and follow it, you will be able to get the most out of mentorship.

What has changed for you since Steven became your mentor?
I was able to grow my business at a steady pace and not get overwhelmed with the process. I was able to get my business self-sustainable within three months and has shown month-to-month growth. My personal growth has also been phenomenal over the past 10 months. I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would be able to run my own company and be independent.

Finally, it is important to realise that no matter how brilliant your coach is, success will not happen on its own, it takes consistency in many aspects to achieve your goals. It is not your mentor or coach’s task to grow your company. You have to put in long hours and days to achieve your goals. Never give up. Some days you feel overwhelmed and like you are not getting anywhere. It is those days that you have to keep your head up and just breathe and use the advice from your mentor to get through those phases of your growth.

Whether you are at the start-up phase in your business or have been in it for a few years, it is clear from Steven and Rene’s story that we cannot ride the rollercoaster alone. A mentor will help you to confront the challenges that you face and address them with confidence and guidance. Are you a mentor or mentee in the tribe? We’d love to hear your success story and how having a mentor or being a mentor has contributed to your personal and business growth.