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The Explore ProTech Newsletter June/July 2022

Linda got nunchucks! Brian turned into a superhero, then got hacked. Darlene saved the day. Sommerville turned us into a Meme… but we had SO MUCH FUN! Oh, and yes, we totally launched the Fempreneur Foundation NPC! See what else went down in the Explore ProTech Tribe in the months of June and July 2022.

A warm welcome to New Tribe Members!

Virtual Assistant – Michelle Scott

Michelle is a virtual assistant who specializes in sales support and lead generation.
“The saying goes “nothing happens until sales happens”. Well, sales does not happen until lead generation happens.”

Fun Fact: Michelle loves to crochet – Hmmmmm….. maybe we should rope her into the Beanie Project?

Book a coffee with Michelle.

Business Development Agent – Lesetja Ephraim Mokou

Lesetja is the Business Development Agent, at Radio Pulpit! That’s a leading South African Radio Station. :). His passion lies in connecting the right brand to the right customer.

Fun Fact: Lesetja has a Professional Cookery Certificate, Culinary Arts/Chef Training.

Book a coffee with Lesetja.

Coaching Consultant and Facilitator – Marléne Nunes

Marléne works with clients individually and within groups to release their emotional blocks so they can be free to live a more fulfilling life. She also hosts online Pilates and other wellness/ fitness classes.

Fun Fact: Marléne loves to take long trail walks

Book a coffee with Marléne.

Entrepreneur & Business Boosting Rockstar – Eveline Gwynn

Eveline helps entrepreneurs to become more visible in the business world, through creating relationships and building their online presence through written content.

Fun Fact: Her favorite author is Charles Dickens

Book a coffee with Eveline.

The Biz Qonnector Business Strategist – Mark Layder

Mark Layder is a person that connects things that need to be connected. He is an incredibly experienced business man, business builder, dreamer and achiever.

Fun Fact: Mark loves doing absolutely nothing with people he likes

Book a coffee with Mark.

Youtube Rockstars  – The Top Performing Videos

2 June 2022

Return on Net Assets
Dr. Meiya

10 June 2022

LinkedIn – Scott Cundill
The FBiz Show

15 July 2022

It’s Time to Stop Gambling With Your Business’s Future
Christine Campbell Rapin

6 June 2022

Things that all entrepreneurs wanna know!
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

27 June 2022

How To Build Relationships That Pay !!!
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

18 July 2022

The power of collaborative learning !!!
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

8 June 2022

Does Imposter Syndrome Rule Your Business?
Christine Campbell Rapin

5 July 2022

Sustainable Small Business Solutions
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

27 July 2022

Building a Networking Strategy to Make More $$$ and Create More Impact
Christine Campbell Rapin

9 June 2022

Money Magnet – Scaling the business
Dr. Meiya

11 July 2022

Why it’s so Important to Support Fempreneurs in Business !!!
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

28 July 2022

Market Capitalisation Valuation
Dr. Meiya

A massive special thank you to all our Youtube Rockstars – both the support and the actual Youtubers! You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for making our Tribe VISIBLE! Chris KolbeAngeli van RensburgKlarissa BotesSusan GenisChristine Campbell RapinDr. Meiya Nthoesane,


The Fempreneur Course

The Ultimate Online Course to Accelerate Your Success

Fempreneur is the only progressive coaching program of its kind that’s delivered by 11 global business coaches who will help you to become a sophisticated changemaker. In this 16 week program, you will learn how to identify, monetize, and market your value, allowing you to implement a strategy that makes an impact and leave the overwhelm and indecision behind.

In the run up to the Fempreneur launch in September, our talented coaches have agreed to join us for a series of live Q&A sessions which will take place on all our Explore ProTech channels. Not only can you tune in to receive some incredible business tips and advice, but during each event, one of the coaches will be giving away a valuable freebie. All you need to do is show up on Tuesdays and Thursdays and comment if you want access to these spectacular goodies.

Here are the first two LIVEs for you to watch and get an idea of how incredible this course is going to be:

Fempreneur Coaches: Steven Levy & Declan Williams
Fempreneur Coaches: Brian DeCastro & Linda Dent

We’ve held our first training session with the coaches, and we’ve had Exclusive Fempreneur Training with the wonderful Scott Cundill who has shown us how to reap all the benefits of his My Most Trusted software. The ripple effect from this is going to be HUGE.

Everyone is in high spirits and raring to go, and we will gladly accept any shares, recommendations, or referrals. Fempreneur will be life-changing for those who enroll in the full program, so you have the opportunity to be a legendary changemaker and set someone on the path to success.

You might have noticed that we’ve started promoting our lead magnet – the Fempreneur Freebie Facebook Group – if you haven’t joined yet, please check it out HERE

Global Online Speed Networking

Our Global Online Speed Networking events for June & July were spectacular. We had such a wide variety of entrepreneurs there. Awesome connections were made, collaboration opportunities were found and to top it all we had so much fun!!

Congratulations to the GOSN Task Force for all their hard work in the background to make this successful. You guys are freakin’ amazing!

This is what some of the attendees had to say:

“This was my first time attending the GOSN event and I had a great time meeting lovely people! A very welcoming, warm environment and even better conversations.” Océane Chamoret

“I loved it! This was my first meeting and the warmth and relaxed atmosphere was a breath of fresh air. I look forward to the next one and lots of virtual coffees to tide me over beforehand.” Joanne Moorhouse

Our thanks specifically to the following tribe members that really stepped up during this event:

Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce Ringleader – Megan Deers, Master of Ceremonies – Declan Williams, Zoom Tech Wizard – Sommerville Lombard, GOSN Taskforce Sales Genie – Janine Lingenfelder, GOSN Taskforce Cyber Ninja – Darlene Petrie, Tribe Room Hosts: Darlene Petrie,  Natasha Ungerer,  and Janine Lingenfelder

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Networking) Event

Explore VAN June 2022 Event Crowd

VA stands for Virtual Assistant, but it also stands for Virtually Amazing, and that is exactly how we can describe the first year of Explore VAN. August is here and we cannot believe what an awesome and unpredictable first 6 months of 2022 it has been! One thing is for certain…Explore VAN is global and growing, linking you to the best Virtual Assistants in the world. Explore VAN was created to empower, train, and provide monthly educational experiences for you to enjoy with the rest of your VA community while connecting business owners to top notch VA’s. We have surpassed this goal in leaps and bounds and gaining momentum.
Don’t just take our word for it, one of our incredible members Tracey Vosloo can attest to this and the value that she has gained by being a member of Explore VAN.

“Explore VAN is a community of like-minded people who share their views and experiences of being a Virtual Assistant. It’s great to be able to learn from each other and at the same time grow together and be there to lift up and encourage each other. It’s such a privilege to be part of this team, I’d recommend them to all VA’s out there, if you’ve been doing VA work for year’s or just starting out. You won’t be disappointed.” As Nicky van der Walt shares, she immediately saw the benefits. “It is a source of skills I don’t have that I can offer my clients, a source of tips for tasks I don’t yet know how to do and a source of encouragement and support.” This is what Explore VAN is all about and you too can become part of our global VA community.

Taking a trip down memory lane, one of our highlights this past year was definitely our first Virtual Women’s Day High Tea 2021which took place on 9 August 2021. We were overwhelmed with the response by some of the best and inspirational women in the globe. We had phenomenal speakers, great entertainment, and most importantly established long lasting business relationships. Thank you to every single person who contacted us after the event and shared the impact of finding the perfect VA partner has had in their businesses, or how their businesses have grown to new heights now that they are connected to a professional network that is highly skilled with the best. From that day, Explore VAN has grown exponentially, and we now have a global community of VA’s. After last
year’s highly successful event we have decided to do it again!

♥ Are you ready for round 2? ♥

Our next Online Women’s Day Virtual High Tea will be taking place on 9 August 2022 at 18:00. Book your seat here

Nothing is Virtually Impossible with Explore VAN!

So where to from here?
Apart from our successful monthly Virtual Assistant Networking Event, we will be offering VA training workshops and we will be collaborating with one of our Explore Protech pillars for something that is quite out of this world. We know you are eager to know more, but you will have to be patient to find out what it is. Thank you to all our amazing Virtual Assistants and to our Explore Protech family for your support in the growth and magic of Explore VAN. Let’s keep the momentum going and grow Explore VAN to reach all parts of the world and welcome Virtual Assistants with unique skills and talents from across the globe. Are you ready for our next monthly networking event? Experience the magic and power of collaboration and building lifelong business relationships on 21 July 2022 by booking here.

A special thanks to TEAM LEADERS Sommerville Lombard from The Sommerville Agency, Janine Lingenfelder from Jelani Sales, and all the other Virtual Assistants working tirelessly to grow this very important support network for our tribe!

Tribal Council Events

In our rocking weekly Tribal Council Events so much business is generated and many contacts made. Our amazing Tribe members come up with quick solutions and plenty of them, too.

Here is what someone had to say:

Michelle Scott “It was my first Tribal Council and I loved it. Not only do you get help with your own challenges, you also get to see how others would approach the same challenge in a completely different way. Stimulating and helpful at the same time.”

Tribe Training – What we’ve learned!

René Bresser taught us How to be Successful Through Networking and Collaboration
Deanne Duffin teaches us how to create Rapid Revenue
Barbara van Heerden teaches us on the topic of Understanding different cultures and how it effects your business
Krista Giannak gives us the lessons she has learnt as a Blind Skier
How to drive traffic to events with Allan Fine
Reaching your Mountain Peak: Leadership’s Everest with Mr. Steven Levy

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the trainers that brought their A-Game to the Tribe Training space this month! It is because of you guys that we just keep getting better and better and better – every single week!

We also succeeded in collating all our Tribe Training session recordings in a Tribe Training Vault. Tribe Members are encouraged to search our Members-Only Facebook Group for the Tribe Training Vault so they can access all past Tribe Training sessions. 🙂

Projects and Other Noteworthy Updates

Learn LinkedIn Like a Legend Training Workshop (with Scott Cundill of Maj3.com) LinkedIn lead generation and sales pipeline management training at its best.

The Official Explore ProTech Mentorship/ Business Buddy Programme updates

The Business Buddy Program is such an excellent idea. Without it, Darlene says she would not have the knowledge she learned, from Klarissa, to add many of the different areas in her business that are so crucial. Klarissa and Darlene have been buddies since May 31, 2022, so for 2 months. They had been meeting weekly until recently, where they now meet every two weeks. They both say, “It was great meeting weekly as it really helped kickstart the program which enabled us to discuss the Mentor Mentee Business Metrics and how we will make it happen.” 

Klarissa says, “When I look at Darlene, her personality & how she does business, its like looking in a mirror; that’s why I’m so excited to work with her! By helping & working with her, I’m also helping myself & overcome challenges in my own business. This really makes a positive difference 😄

Initially, Klarissa sent Darlene a copy of her Business Analysis which included a SWOT. That was so beneficial as it gave them both an opportunity to see their strengths, where they need to go and what changes are needed to be made in their businesses. Setting weekly goals helped they keep focused.

Klarissa also shared what she had learned from a mentor from Just Ask Linda, another awesome business of Explore ProTech.

Klarissa is reviewing her strategic plan, while Darlene is creating hers. The say, their “Businesses are moving forward with great success thanks to the accountability to each other and to the Business Buddy Program.  

Mentor Caryn Greeff and Mentee Steven Westwood were beaming after helping with The Catalyst Steven to create his anthem. We are waiting with bated breathe to hear the results.
The Doctor Meiya, and The GLEE lady Linda getting the Buddy Show on the road with discussions on LMS, developing course content, the practical ways to do business, views on the American gurus and contributing/promoting to the Financeium magazine 😎 Should be an exciting ride

Other Noteworthy Contributions

When your Tribe Members capture snapshots of you FREEZING so they can turn you into a Meme on the Coffee Shop..
This is what happens when we start planning the Fempreneur LIVES. It’s been an absolute joy to see how well the Fem team works together, supports each other, laughs together, and creates everything we need to make this program a fabulous success
When you get caught on a Tribe Training screenshot “singing Opera”
Thanks René, you were amazing!!!
Producer Chris Kolbe flying blind during the first Fempreneur LIVE – obviously not a happy camper but the LIVE went down without a hitch!

Doing it the Explore ProTech Way

Coffee First, Business Later!
The mindset coming into a network is building the relationship to get to know the person behind the business first, then “How can I help refer YOU?” without expectation of business in return. This way everyone will support everyone else in growing their business. You will do business with people in the TRIBE (and that’s good) but if this is your objective you won’t grow your business.

Helping each other on the right path is how we all grow from strength to strength!!! Exciting time Klarissa!
Nestene & Peter visiting Chris & Lucia at The Beauty Therapy Institute and passing on a few gifts. You all are such Legends!
This was the last thing Brian’s phone saw before he got hacked!!!!
Thanks to Darlene Petrie and her Scam Prevention tips, Brian was able save his Instagram account before it was too late.
Dr. Meiya has sponsored 15 instagram size advertising spaces in the next issue of his magazine as prizes for the Fempreneur Facebook Group.
Thanks a million Meiya!

These are our prize winners from the Fempreneur Facebook group

To earn these advertising spots, these wonderful humans had to work for it. They each had to invite 50 or more of their contacts to join the Fempreneur Freebie Facebook group. They did it, and in record time too!

A Word from our Sponsors

This space in our newsletter is dedicated to some snippets from our Sponsors. Read what they’ve got to say about their involvement with our tribe and how you can support them so they can support us better! It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win situation we’re after. 🙂

From Steven Levy – Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

Mr. Levy – one of the best leadership and business coaches in the whole entire world.


Those that attempt summiting Everest, have absolute clear visualization of the route to and what, the summit looks like.

We all have our own Everest to climb and should have absolute clarity of what our Summit looks like. As do those brave men and woman, we too have certain milestones along the way that need to be achieved in order to reach our Summit. To create the highest probability of reaching the top, our focus, as is theirs, should be on how best we able to reach each of these milestones and not on the Summit itself.

“You cannot climb a mountain looking at the top”

Steven Levy Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond, Global Leadership & Business Coach

**If you like the influence that Mr. Levy has had on the way we’ve built our tribe, give him a shoutout on Linkedin and help us promote him as one of the best leadership coaches in the entire world. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Rene Bresser is starting a Referral Circle for The Explore ProTech Tribe! Entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to join the circle in order to share what they do, learn about what others do, and swop trusted referrals.
  • Steven Westwood is getting involved in marketing the Fempreneur with a special press release and paid marketing strategy!
  • Scott Cundill – we’re working together on a lead generation project called “The Fempreneur Festival of Referrals and Introductions” Scott has promised to wear a pink dress just for the occasion
  • Klarissa Botes – Thank you for giving us access to CANVA PRO! You are a gem of note!

Have we missed anything??? Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other newsworthy things happened with our tribe members in June/July 2022! On our own, each of our voices is beautiful and unique, but together our voices create the most beautiful symphony that will change the world for the better and forever!

On our Most Wanted List

  • Entrepreneurs that specialize in PR distribution, please!
  • Virtual Assistants that are new and have an interest in lead generation or a VA that wants to change their niche to Lead Generation

Introductions can be sent to nestene@exploreprotech.com. Please and Thank You! 🙂 🙂 🙂