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The Explore ProTech Newsletter May 2022

Janine decided to go rogue and start capturing tribe members left, right and center! Thank you Janine! You are one of the main reasons why we have photos for our newsletter! 🙂 🙂 🙂 #TribeMembersHavingFun

A warm welcome to New Tribe Members!

Transformation Coach – Clifford Starks

Clifford Starks is a transformational coach that teaches his clients to how to achieve their goals – professional athlete style. His vision is to transform the lives of 1 million people – helping them achieve the life and lifestyles they deserve.

Fun Fact: Clifford’s nickname in the MMA community is “Big Cat.”

Book a coffee with Clifford.

Legal-Tech-preneur & Attorney – Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

Nicolene founded her first business – the law firm – SchoemanLaw Inc in 2007 at the age of 24. Ever since she’s been making waves in the legal industry. Her passion lies in creating commercial law solutions specifically for small to medium business owners.

Fun Fact: Nicolene is the creator of the innovative Contracts4Biz platform.

Book a coffee with Nicolene.

Virtual Photographer – Joanne Moorhouse

When all other photographers in the world were struggling to pay the bills, because of lockdown regulations due to the worldwide pandemic, Joanne decided to take her practice virtual. Of course, this bold move caught our attention! This is grit, resilience, and creative problem-solving at its finest!

Fun Fact: Joanne has been tasked with shooting Peter. 😉

Book a coffee with Joanne.

Audio Marketing Specialist & Record label – Peach Jam Records

Cheyanne Summer Perrett and Kenton Edward Dobrowolski are the creative couple behind Peach Jam Records. Together they’ve taken the marketing and audio industry by storm. As a tribe, we are so ready to get behind this movement and accelerate the further disruption of this industry!

Fun Fact: Kenton is in charge of our very own Tribe Song project. 🙂

Book a coffee with Kenton and Cheyanne.

The Podcasting People – Baird Media

Hendrik and Ethan Baird are the father and son dynamic duo behind Baird Media. With years of experience in radio and content creation, these two have got our entrepreneurs covered from a podcasting perspective. WOW!

Fun Fact: Ethan still works part-time at one of the leading local radio stations in South Africa.

Book a coffee with Hendrik and Ethan.

Youtube Rockstars – Our Month in Video

2 May 2022

The Impact of Covid 19 on the mental health of entrepreneurs
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

9 May 2022

Common Mistakes ALL entrepreneurs make!
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

11 May 2022

3 Strategies for overcoming blindspots as a business owner. Christine Campbell Rapin

12 May 2022

Free Cash Flows Part 2 Dr. Meiya – Money Magnet

14 May 2022

Our tribe reached 1,000 subscribers on Youtube! #WatchThisSpace

16 May 2022

The impact of the war in the Ukraine on Entrepreneurs worldwide.
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

18 May 2022

How to Deal with Overwhelm As A Business Owner? Christine Campbell Rapin

23 May 2022

From Conversation to Customer
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

25 May 2022

4 Ways to Stop Giving Yourself Scraps Of Time During Your Day Christine Campbell Rapin

26 May 2022

Cashflow Sensitivity
Dr. Meiya – Money Magnet

27 May 2022

Fitness and Finance – Ritchie Nkana
The FBiz Show

30 May 2022

What is a good leader anyway?
Coffee Shop Show 4 Entrepreneurs

A massive special thank you to all our Youtube Rockstars – both the support and the actual Youtubers! You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for making our Tribe VISIBLE! Chris KolbeAngeli van RensburgKlarissa BotesSusan GenisChristine Campbell RapinDr. Meiya Nthoesane,


Global Online Speed Networking – 25 May 2022

Feedback from all attendees was that it really feels like we’ve stepped into a whole new era of networking… From the shiny Explore ProTech backgrounds to the awesome MC, to the room hosts… It was in one word an INCREDIBLE.

Our thanks specifically to the following tribe members that really stepped up during this event:

Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce Director – Megan Deers, Master of Ceremonies – Declan Williams, Zoom Tech Wizard – Sommerville Lombard, Virtual Sales Assistant – Janine Lingenfelder, Super Human Connector – Betty Ann Ellis, Main Virtual Assistant and Laughter Coach – Tracey Lee Vosloo, Backup VA – Lee Anne Webster, Zoom Etiquette Speaker – Steven Levy, Tribe Speakers: Christine Campbell RapinWolfgang von Geramb, Tribe Room Hosts: Darlene PetrieZiza NaturDeclan WilliamsLinda DentRene BresserNatasha UngererDr. Meiya and Rhona MacCormick.

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Networking) Event

Explore VAN May 2022 Event Crowd

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network) delivered another great get-together for their budding community of Virtual Assistants that are working tirelessly to create a rock-solid network of business relationships between Virtual Assistants around the world that want to build together, support each other and the entrepreneurs in our beautiful Explore ProTech Core Network. This complimentary network has proven time and again the power that it offers our tribe in terms of support from the RIGHT support personnel and this month was no exception.

A special thanks to TEAM LEADERS Sommerville Lombard from The Sommerville Agency, Janine Lingenfelder from Jelani Sales, and all the other Virtual Assistants working tirelessly to grow this very important support network for our tribe!

Tribal Council Events

Tribal Council Confession Session somewhere in May 2022.

Our Tribal Council Events moved from bi-monthly to weekly as Megan Deers stepped in to assist Chris Kolbe with the hosting of these insanely valuable sessions! The record amount of referrals/ support passed on at one of these confession sessions for entrepreneurs has been pushed to 40 referrals/ supportive gifts given in one session! WOW! Let’s see if we can break this record in the month of June!

Tribe Training – What we’ve learned!

Dr. Barbara taught us how to coach for positive intelligence.
Matthew showed us exactly how to write a sales page that actually converts leads into customers.
Peter spoke us through the business building process and taught us how to build a foundation that is scaleable.
The Wolf of Hamburg again uncovered pure gold in his Mastermind session on How to generate leads as a collective.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the trainers that brought their A-Game to the Tribe Training space this month! It is because of you guys that we just keep getting better and better and better – every single week!

We also succeeded in collating all our Tribe Training session recordings in a Tribe Training Vault. Tribe Members are encouraged to search our Members-Only Facebook Group for the Tribe Training Vault so they can access all past Tribe Training sessions. 🙂

Projects and other Noteworthy Updates

Christine and Janine… practicing for the cover of Explore ProTech Magazine ;). Can you say Dynamic Duo???

The Official Explore ProTech Mentorship/ Business Buddy Programme rolled out

We rolled out the red carpet for a whole new set of Official Explore ProTech Mentors and Business Buddies who teamed up in the first round of our business buddy/ mentorship program!

These buddies will be teamed up with each other for the next 6 months. Their assignment is simple: Help each other’s businesses grow!

These buddies will be tracking each other’s ACTUAL business growth using our official 10 Key Metrics of business growth spreadsheet – thoughtfully put together by our very own Sommerville Lombard.

Other Noteworthy Contributions

  • Steven Levy aka Mr. Levy continues to provide excellent leadership coaching, support, and advice to all our Explore ProTech Leaders.
When your Tribe Members capture snapshots of you so they can turn you into a Meme on the Coffee Shop… Funny Moment captured by Sommerville. LOL
  • There might be a Summit Club in the pipeline… stay tuned!
  • Kenton has started gathering the forces for the Tribe Song project. Please report for duty if you’d still like to be a part of this initiative!
  • Our marketing collateral team are super close to done with the marketing collateral for the Fempreneur Course. Coaches stay tuned!

  • Susan continues to spruce up our Members Directory!

  • Scott and Matthew continue to help us fine-tune our lead generation process!

  • Scott Cundill launched his reseller program for his Linkedin Lead Generation Software. Now you can LEARN how to get clients via LInkedin from the best AND get paid extra in the process!

Letters from our Leaders

Here follows some letters from some of our Tribe Leaders. Read it and rejoice – because we are in GOOD hands!

Megan Deers – The Leader of Lead Generation

Megan Deers & Chris Kolbe having fun whilst planning the next powerful strategic alliances for our tribe.

Do you remember your first time?

In 2021 I had my first magical GOSN (Global Online Speed Networking) experience.
Fast-forward a year and I’m thrilled to be leading the GOSN Task Force on its quest to share the Explore ProTech experience with the world.

My inspiration?

The fun, great conversations, connections made, and the wonderfully genuine and caring people I met on that first night.
Sommerville, Janine, Darlene, Declan, Willemien, and Chris have similar experiences to share… And so, who better to lead the charge than this enthusiastic and resourceful GOSN Task Force, along with our amazing allies?

The GOSN Task Force: an integral part of Explore ProTech’s Lead Generation pillar

  • Our hub is where much of the Tribe’s first contact with new connections is made. How awesome is that?
  • Lead generation is our main ingredient. And we’re keen to share the recipe!
  • Nurturing relationships. Growing our Tribe with heart.
  • Building new connections every day. Generating networking opportunities for all.
  • Telling the Explore ProTech story. Highlighting what makes us unique, and formidable.
  • Creating safe, fun, and inclusive networking events. A space for us all to enjoy and benefit from.
  • Our networking events are attracting more global interest than ever before: Let’s keep sharing our magic!

Why not join the GOSN Task Force?

If the above resonates and you are at least 50% crazy – or 50% fun – we’d love to have you! 😊
Chat to any GOSN Task Force member to find out more.

Unfortunately, positions on our Task Force are limited…But we know you’d still love to be a part of this movement we’re creating.

So, here’s how else you can support GOSN:

  • Come and generate leads with us on LinkedIn. Boost our Tribe and your business simultaneously.
  • Help us spread the word. Engage with and share our social media posts.
  • Join our monthly GOSN events and invite a guest. Free attendance for you and a guest, each month!
  • Promote our events and help us increase GOSN ticket sales. Fancy an affiliate marketing opportunity?
  • Volunteer as a Speaker, Room Host, or MC at GOSN events. It’s fun and creates visibility for you, too.

GOSN is on the cusp of great things:

  • Our Tribe is growing at a rate of knots! Whoo-hoo!
  • Our sponsored LinkedIn Lead generation software is multiplying our reach. Thanks to Scott & the Maj3 Team, and our active users.
  • We’ll soon be launching EventRaptor, our Tribe’s new event management tool. Watch this space!

The GOSN Task Team’s goal is to convince every like-minded global entrepreneur out there, that GOSN is one experience not to be missed. And as you already know, there’s nothing else quite like it…

GOSN is one of the biggest platforms where others can experience Explore ProTech’s amazing impact and vision.

Let’s join forces and take our Tribe to new heights, together!

Register for our next Global Online Speed Networking Event and bring a guest! Every tribe member is allowed to bring one free guest to every GOSN event. Whatsapp me to get a code that allows you to register your guest for free!

Megan Deers
Meg&Creative CoJpywriting, Content Creation & Creative works
Simplifying, Clarifying, and Energising your content

“Technically trained; Creatively inspired.”

Let’s connect over coffee!

Brain DeCastro – The Leader of LifeForce

Brian – one day before the retreat that SOLD OUT.

Earlier this spring the LifeForce Pillar launched its first official beta test of our foundations’ program for entrepreneurs called “Thrive”.

This 21-day process consisted of an intake process, goal setting, and multiple coaches delivering multiple modalities from restorative self-care, lifestyle design, fitness conditioning, and mindset coaching. It was designed to support the health and vitality of business owners so that they can continue to deliver their best work and allow resources to move to higher levels.

For those that participated in the process, a variety of areas of their lives were impacted.

This included:

Everyone had a rock to bring home from the retreat.
  • Fitness and mobility improvements.
  • Energy increased and became more consistent.
  • Work productivity improvements.
  • Mental clarity and mindsets were shifted.
  • Connections were made and friendships formed.
  • New ideas and business concepts were inspired!

Things we learned from this process that helped with refining and upgrading the program included:

SHOWING UPTaking just ONE STEP can be a very powerful action that will really drive momentum and confidence. JUST START, and allow great things to happen!
POWER IN NUMBERSGroup dynamic and accountability and be leveraged to strengthen commitments, and produce accelerated results.
LESS INFORMATION MORE IMPLEMENTATIONWe may not be able to apply everything at once, but if we just implement a couple of key things and track them, we are way further ahead than when we started and will be amazed by what we see.
TIME OUT FROM WORKScheduled time away from our businesses can yield more creativity, productivity and inspiration, if we remain FIRM with honoring this as a regular practice that holds equal importance to other critical tasks of the day.

But don’t take our word for it. This is what our participants have to say:

Post contributed by Brian on the Coffee Shop Whatsapp Group for Members Only.

“Business-wise I have had to rethink the Thrive instead of Survive concept…I have found what I LOVE and I am so excited…“I am also including my son in everything I learn and he has been so supportive in celebrating the small wins and I thank you for that. This will benefit him, and me, immensely going forward.”

Nicky – Free State, South Africa

“It does not need to be just about working out. There are so many other parts of this that come into play on a daily basis… This has caused me to rethink the concept of wellness and how to apply it…”

Megan – Cape Town, South Africa

“I liked the incredible support not only from the expert coaches but also from the other participants. It was a safe space to share my fears and feelings. In return, I was given endless encouragement, praise, and compassion, and there was some laughter too… I still check in with my accountability partner who is definitely a friend for life!”

Rhona – Glasgow, Scotland

Brian DeCastro

Domestic Athlete, Holistic Wellness Coaching for Busy Entrepreneurs

Support Brian in the awesome work he is doing in our LifeForce pillar. Book a coffee. 🙂 🙂 🙂

New Logo courtesy of Susan Genis. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Chris Kolbe – Youtube Rockstars

Meet the team:

What’s News?

A very special thank you to the amazing YouTube Rock stars. We have set up an amazing team and systems that make the running and management of the YouTube Channel like clock work. Thank you.  Chris KolbeAngeli van RensburgKlarissa BotesSusan Genis and Mo Malele. 

To our YouTuber’s, without your amazing content we would not have a YouTube channel that not only highlights you but the tribe as well. 

Peter Hingstin, Nestene Botha, Christine Campbell RapinDr. Meiya Nthoesane, Chris Kolbe and Janine Lingenfelder

Now that we have a smooth-running system our focus over the next few months is: 

  • Show content upgrades 
  • Increasing the team to be able to do more
  • Increase view time on the YouTube Channel
  • Tribe Visibility


Have a look at these amazing achievements of the YouTube Channel to date. In just over a month we have jumped from 1000 subscribers to over 2000.

The Shows:

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The Coffee Shop Show – Monday’s 5pm (GMT+2)

The coffee Shop Show is a safe space for our tribe of panellists and guests to have a conversation around a topic. This space is just like a group of Entrepreneurs having a conversation at a coffee shop sharing tips, advice and how they can help one another.


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Money Magnet with Dr Meiya Nthoesane – Thursdays 2pm (GMT+2) 

This show is all you need to know about finance. It brings insights into financial implications of business decisions, looks at a variety of analytical metrics to assess the business performance. It also looks at predictive metrics to help entrepreneurs align their business with future financial goals

Graphical user interface

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Creating Business Success One Step At A Time with Christine Campbell Rapin – Wednesday’s 6pm (GMT+2)

It takes more than a great idea to make a business successful and there is no glory in being a lone wolf when it comes to entrepreneurship. If you are ready to shift from buying a job to running a successful business without working 60+ hours a week for little to no profit, this show is essential viewing.

Graphical user interface, website

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The F-Biz show – Friday’s 10am (GMT+2)

Janine Lingenfelder and Chris Kolbe put the Fun back into business and entrepreneurship. On the show we also highlight the latest trends in the marketing and virtual assistant industry to ensure our listeners walk away with knowledge and feeling more empowered. We have a fun interview with a Dynamic Entrepreneur and end the show with a rap.

How can you help?

Well let’s start with how we can help you. Our YouTube Channel is packed with great resources, tips and advice for Entrepreneurs. Scroll through the video’s and the shows above, see what you are looking for, watch, learn and grow. Even if you put a whole playlist on in the background to listen while you work and then pick up what you need that would be great. It also helps push up our view time. Our goal is 4000 hours. 

Please make sure you subscribe and share our channel. If you like a video like it and comment. 

Our shopping list: 

Below is a list of the people we are looking for to grow our team. We want to grow with the right people so we can grow the YouTube Channel, yours and the tribe’s visibility:

  • Social Media Manager 
  • Admin person (assist with Timestamps, SEO tag research, cards for video’s)

If you are interested in getting involved book a coffee with Chris Kolbe

Chris Kolbe

Live2Dream – Done for You and Done with You Lead Generation Solutions

Janine Lingenfelder & Sommerville Lombard – The Leaders of Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network)

It’s never too early to put your foot (or ladel) down… Sommerville, Baby KB, Janine and Jae-Lex did some brainstorming in the month of May 2022.

Explore VAN is a platform run by Sommerville Lombard and Janine Lingenfelder, created to socialize, learn, share and collaborate with other Virtual Assistants. On this platform, we have a monthly event where Virtual Assistants (VA’s) can meet other VA’s who may become collaboration partners, referral partners, and/or support partners from across the globe. They will also create long-lasting connections that benefit each other’s businesses. This is the best place to leverage the Power of Networking.

In the next monthly VAN events, we have opened it up to entrepreneurs who are looking for a VA to assist them with particular tasks. What a great place to get to know a VA before hiring them!! Our current members go on regular “roadtrip sessions” with us, to help us keep on top of what will benefit them the most.

We had one of the best brainstorming sessions ever with our two dynamic VAN drivers! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love these ladies so much!

In future plans, we want to create a space where more than just our VA members can learn. A space where needed skills can be taught with practical experience and implemented, in turn growing their businesses.

Janine Lingenfelder – Jelani Sales, Your Virtual Sales Office

Sommerville Lombard – The Sommerville Agency, Virtual Assistant Services for Busy Entrepreneurs

To support Janine and Sommerville in building the VAN, book a coffee with Janine and/ or Sommerville.

Snippets from our Sponsors

This space in our newsletter is dedicated to some snippets from our Sponsors. Read what they’ve got to say about their involvement with our tribe and how you can support them so they can support us better! It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win situation we’re after. 🙂

From Steven Levy – Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

Mr. Levy – one of the best leadership and business coaches in the whole entire world.

“The Importance of Leadership and that it is a Journey, Not an Event”

The past 24-30months have seen the business landscape change due to unexcepted challenges, namely the pandemic, it has had to face. This has seen a major shift from the traditional in-person working environment, to having to operate in the Virtual Space.

That feeling that you get when you know you should’ve written something for the newsletter, but didn’t. LOL #TribeMemes

Besides the extraordinary demands it has placed on business and its leadership, among other factors, remaining connected to its people, it has also resulted in an exponential growth of entrepreneurship that has asked the NETWORKING WORLD to shift to another level. This world has become a business industry on its own, one that is highly competitive, requiring its founders to OFFER VALUE that extends beyond a platform to connect, collaborate and refer.

Those Networks that have chosen to do so, like Explore ProTech, whose Mission it is “To Change the world one small business at a time”, have had to become innovative in offering Education and Training that provides guidance and support to entrepreneurs, aligned to their mission. This is by no means an easy task and has seen its Founders/Leaders, Nestene Botha and Peter Hingston being relentless and intentional as leaders in building this networking platform, that exudes a “Coffee First, Business Later” Culture. This is a journey and a process, that whilst simple, is by no means easy and has required the founders to be courageous in their actions, bold in their decision making and stepping up to another level of leadership, whilst simultaneously creating Leaders out of those members of the network who have committed to building the pillars of Education and Training, resulting in producing the Extreme Value Explore ProTech is offering, above and beyond the above mentioned, “connection, collaboration and referring”.

Having had the privilege of working alongside Nestene and Peter since the inception of Explore Pro Tech it has been my commitment and honor as a Global Leaders Coach and founder of Dare2be Coaching and Beyond, to guide and support both Nestene and Peter in becoming Extraordinary Leaders, within a framework of “Leading Self, Leading Change, Unleashing Team Potential, Igniting Growth”, so that, TOGETHER with the Leaders they developing, they create the highest probability of achieving that which they set out to “Changing the world one small business at a time”

If you would like me to do the same for you, book us a coffee.

Steven Levy

Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond, Global Leadership & Business Coach

**If you like the influence that Mr. Levy has had on the way we’ve built our tribe, give him a shoutout on Linkedin and help us promote him as one of the best leadership coaches in the entire world. 🙂 🙂 🙂

From Dr. Meiya Nthoesane – Financeium Magazine

Dr. Meiya totally brought his jet to our Global Online Speed Networking Event! 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL

Explore Protech is a home to many pioneers and future shapers who are all committed to building real relationships in shaping sustainable business and business experience. It is a home of ideas, a home of possibilities, a home that has a Tribe with real caring entrepreneurs. It has become my home.

Explore ProTech is a Tribe where what is impossible and unavailable in many networking platforms is a minimum requirement. It is part of our DNA. Everything we do is geared towards building relationships. Explore Protech allows us to build dreams, carve futures, birth creativity and spread sustainability in business.

Christine Campbell Rapin & Natasha Ungerer inspired us to start planning for the Explore ProTech yacht club!

With this in mind, it is the motivation and drive from Financeium to both associate with this Tribe but secondly, actively share its resources in promoting the wisdom of the members by making it an available space for advertising and sourcing unconventional business messaging to the world.

The Tribe is a vessel of business wisdom that needs to be spread and shared in business circles. Financeium serves as one of the engines to fire this vessel.

This is why Financeium is committed to:

1. Profiling members of the tribe.

2. Allowing members to share their business intelligence with the world.

Financeium’s ‘mission and purpose’ is to disrupt the conventional business medium by finding gems in business and entrepreneurship. Explore Protech is the home to these World gems. It, therefore, makes business and social sense for Financeium to partner with and sponsor the Tribe members.

One of the values of Financeium is ‘shared value’. We realize this value by understanding that you grow by being of service to others. We realize this value by understanding that the beauty of a river is not in remaining stagnant, but in its ability to continue flowing and filling other rivers.

Dr. Meiya G Nthoesane

Financeium Magazine – Content for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

To get involved in making the Financeium Magazine into an international household name, book a coffee with Dr. Meiya. 🙂

Have we missed anything??? Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other newsworthy things happened with our tribe members in May 2022! On our own, each of our voices is beautiful and unique, but together our voices create the most beautiful symphony that will change the world for the better and forever!

On our Most Wanted List

  • Entrepreneurs that specialize in PR distribution, please!
  • UK accountants and attorneys, please!
  • Writers, designers and Virtual Assistants that wanna help out with the Newsletter, please!

Introductions can be sent to nestene@exploreprotech.com. Please and Thank You! 🙂 🙂 🙂