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Announcing the Fempreneur Movement Referral Program. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!!!

WIN Awesome Prizes – GROW your Business – FEED your Community

What are we doing?

We’re creating a movement to get entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world the help, love, and support they deserve!

How are we doing this?

We’ve gotten in touch with and roped in some AMAZING sponsors from all around the world that have ACCESS to the RESOURCES YOU NEED in order to grow your business and put food on the table for your community! And we’re working tirelessly to pull in more!

Examples of some of our Sponsors include

These sponsors are donating their valuable resources so that YOU can grow your business faster than ever before, and in the process create abundance for everyone that your business feeds.

Examples of sponsored prizes include:

Valued at £548
Valued at $4,000
Valued at $1,200

How does it work?

It’s so easy to participate!


1. Sign up for our referral program to get your unique referral link.

2. Share your unique referral link to earn points.

3. WIN awesome prizes valued at over US$500.

Step 1: Sign up for our referral program to get your unique referral link

Enter your name and email address into this form:

Once you’ve signed up, the page will update to display your unique referral link.

* If you have already sign-up, you should be seeing your referral link now on the screen.

COPY AND SAVE your unique referral link immediately!

Step 2: Share your unique referral link to earn points.

Now type up a quick message for your family and friends to encourage them to click on the link and sign up for the program in the same way you just did.

Send your message.

That’s it!!!

You can share your link via WhatsApp, email, or any social media platform.

Every time someone clicks on your link, you’ll get awarded one point. If that person then goes on to sign up for the referral program, just like you did, you’ll get another point.

It’s that easy!

Step 3: WIN awesome prizes valued at over US$500 each.

Each point you earn gives you one entry into our draw for the Grand prize.

We use a spinning wheel to determine who wins the grand prize. More points = more entries on the wheel.

We use a spinning wheel to determine who wins the grand prize.

The more points you have the more spaces you have on the wheel – and therefore the greater your chances are of winning.

Prizes are awarded and announced every second Monday on our Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs. Watch the show on Facebook or Youtube. You can tune in LIVE or catch the recording.

From time to time there will be an opportunity for you to earn bonus points by performing certain activities on our Fempreneur Freebie Facebook Group. Watch out for these posts.

Opportunities for bonus points are posted on our Facebook Group.

We will get in touch with you via email to facilitate the handover of your prize so make sure you are receiving our emails from the moment you sign up for our referral program!

Sponsors that have prizes to give away valued at over $500 are welcome to get in touch via email at nestene@exploreprotech.com.

Why are we doing this?

When you help an entrepreneur, you help a community, a family, and an economy. This is our way of helping make the world a better place.

By participating in this program you are helping us on this very important mission.

You’re helping us find all those entrepreneurs from around the world, that are lonely, and in need of support and connections. These are needed in order to keep them going and contributing to the global economy.

That is the whole reason why we created this referral program, our Fempreneur Flagship Program, and our Entrepreneurial Haven Community.

Get involved in the mission.

Register now.

What’s next?

Check your Email

Watch out for the email we’ll send your way as soon as you register for our referral program. It contains your unique referral link.

Add this referral link to your social media posts and in one-to-one messages, you send to your friends and family in order to encourage people to:

  1. Click on your link and
  2. Sign up for our referral program

Remember that each person that signs up for this referral program and shares our message is helping all of us create a better world and future by getting our entrepreneurs around the world the support and access to resources they so desperately need right now. Who doesn’t want to help make the world a better place?

Join our Facebook Group

Become part of the community of small business owners we, as a tribe, take care of.

In our Facebook Group you’ll be able to:

  • Stay up to date with Prizes Announced and Awarded
  • Network with our Fempreneur Coaches, Fempreneur Family and Explore ProTech Members from all around the world
  • Access premium educational resources, including our Fempreneur Mini Taster Course, to help you grow your business

From time to time we will also post opportunities for you to gain bonus points by completing certain activities on our Facebook Group.

Join our Facebook Group

Keep your eye on the Leaderboard

Once you sign up for our referral program, you’ll immediately be able to view the leaderboard on the same page.

The leaderboard lists the top 10 sharers in the referral program in order of most points earned – so you can see how much you need to share in order to have the biggest chance of winning the next Grand Prize.

Keep up with the competition in order to ensure you’ve got just as good a chance as them to win the next Grand Prize!

After each Grand Prize is awarded, the WINNER of the prize, gets a two week sabbatical to give others a chance at winning prizes. After the sabbatical, this previous prize winner can come back with all their points they have built up, even from taking part in the referral program for prizes they were not eligible for. The points that have been built up over the previous weeks, gets carried over every week. This gives you more chances of winning.

So take part every week to keep building up your points

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

By participating in our referral program you’re helping create a better future for all of us.

You also stand a chance to win some of the most amazing resources available to entrepreneurs right now.

This is the community, program, and resources you’ve been looking for on your quest to grow your business!

Let us help you do that!

Read our Success Stories

Find out what happened to some of the entrepreneurs that have chosen to get involved and take a chance on us.

Read their stories HERE.

Check out our list of prizes

On this page, we list some of the prizes that we’ve awarded in the past as well as some of the prizes we’re yet to award in the future. We’re constantly adding to this list – so check back often!

We look forward to seeing you on the leaderboard and success story page!

Lots of Love,

Nestene, Peter, the Fempreneur Family and Tribe