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The Fempreneur Movement – support for Small Business Owners

“When the pandemic hit, the cash in the system didn’t disappear. It just stopped flowing.”

N Botha

Taking Stock of Our Current Reality

It’s easy to lose hope these days. We live in a world ravaged by a global pandemic. Climate change and pollution might destroy our planet in the next 20 years. There’s a war going on that we didn’t believe would ever start in our age of living on this beautiful planet. Economies around the world are struggling under the weight of all of these problems.

You just have to look at the escalating prices in your local grocery store or the increased number of beggars begging at street corners to know this to be true. We’re reminded of this stark reality every single day. In this kind of environment, it’s so easy to lose hope. When we see real estate that was previously occupied by large companies suddenly stand empty, it almost reminds us of the feeling you’d get touring the ruins of an abandoned city. Where there once was a bustling business, there now only exists posters and space.

How many small businesses were started out of necessity during pandemic times? How many people got retrenched? How many businesses closed their doors permanently? It’s so easy to get caught up in these thought processes. It would be so easy to slip into despair, give up and just do the minimum to keep going… but you see, that’s the thing about humanity.. we weren’t made for giving up hope… and I’m writing this blog post today to get this message out there. There is HOPE! There is a WAY OUT! And it’s easier to get involved than you think.

The Way Out

But what we seem to forget is that when the pandemic hit, the cash in the system didn’t disappear. It just stopped flowing. Similarly with the war breaking out between Russia and the Ukraine, supply chains were severely disrupted, but the resources in play didn’t vanish into thin air. Commodities (and cash) just stopped flowing.

We can give our global economy the biggest jumpstart, simply by coming up with a plan that assists the cash and commodities to flow again. And when the economy improves, resources are more readily available, the prices in grocery stores around the world drop and we’ll see less beggars populating our street corners.

This is obviously an oversimplified explanation and not an easy feat, but the principle holds true. Since the beginning of time, the more successful we were in not only producing goods but circulating and distributing these goods, the better off the communities living within the borders of these flowing resources did. Think about way back when, when bartering was still a thing.

How Value Gets Created

Value gets created through goods, commodities, and cash flowing through the value chain. Cash follows value. The more times resources exchange hands – the better. Again, it’s not this simple, but it actually is.

The question you need to ask yourself is – would you like to sit and moan about the current state of the economy and world or what you like to contribute towards making our world a better place. Those are really the only 2 options any of us have right now. If you’re one of those people that wants to choose the latter, then the good news is – I’ve got a movement for you to join.

We do have the power to make the world a better place. How? By getting the cash flowing again. By jumpstarting the economy. How do we do that? By supporting small business.

Why Small Business Owners Are Our Way Out of Our Current Economy

Why small business? Because small businesses are agile. Entrepreneurs are able to spot and take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities in this new world we live in. And they can act quickly in order to meet new needs, create new value and make money in the process.

Entrepreneurs are also driven to scale their small businesses. Small businesses that are scaling create job opportunities for those of us that aren’t that entrepreneurially inclined. When jobs are created, communities have a means of supporting themselves. And all of this happens in a sustainable way.

But wait, you don’t have funds to support small businesses right now. Times are already tough – I just confirmed this, right? So you can’t really make that much of a difference, right? Nope. Times are tough, yes, but there’s so much you can do. What if I told you that most of the success stories that were created in our community – throughout pandemic times weren’t even created because of money exchanging hands?

Making Money Out of Nothing

It’s true. You can read them if you don’t believe me. Story after story after story will confirm this. From the Virtual Assistant that gained 11 clients in 3 months to the entrepreneur that built his business from 0 to 140% of his previous salary in 6 months after being retrenched to the marketing agency owner that finally managed to scale his business – all of these stories were created because the entrepreneurs in our community exchanged energy, advice, support, referrals, and services – not cash.

Now tell me again, how there is no hope and you can’t make a difference? That’s bull. You can and you should get involved. The sooner all of us start assuming responsibility for the state our economy is in, the sooner we can start doing something about it. And we’ve made it easier than ever for you to do something about it!

We started our Fempreneur Freebie movement precisely for this reason – to help organize support for all those small business owners out there that need it. We’ve got the sponsors, the community, the coaches, and the course. We figured all of that out. And we’ve started helping them and producing those success stories!

How you CAN get involved in making our World a Better Place

All you have to do is help us accelerate the process. There are small business owners out there that are lonely, that need advice, support, and a community. Sometimes they even just need someone to take their hand and tell them that there is hope and there is help available. Help us find them.

You can help us find them by talking about our movement. You can help us find them by rallying the people around you to join our movement. Whether you’re a small business owner or not – you can support our small businesses, you can help find the small business owners that need us and you CAN help save the global economy and make the world a better place than it is right now.

We’ve made it so easy for you to join us. Just join our Fempreneur Movement Facebook Group and sign up for our Fempreneur Movement Referral Program and you’ll be in a uniquely empowered position to help us make this world a better place than it is right now.

Why join our Movement? Why partner with Explore ProTech?

I am telling you right now – and I cannot stress enough how strongly I believe this to be true – the way to making the state of our current environment better – for ourselves, for our kids, and for the generations to come, and for everyone that is suffering right now, is by getting involved in the Fempreneur Freebie movement.

As part of this movement, we’ve created a unique and powerful core community, a flagship course, shows, and training opportunities. We have the advice, the training material, and the people that want to help our small business owners around the world succeed. We just need your help with finding them.

Help us find the small business owners around the world that are looking for a community, that want to win prizes that can help their business grow, and that want access to training, coaching, and advisory opportunities. Invite them to join the movement. And together we can, and will make our world a better place.

Help us save the global economy – one small business at a time. Join our Fempreneur Freebie community, sign up for our referral program and invite as many people as possible to join the movement.

Lots of Love,

Nestene, Peter, and The Explore ProTech Tribe