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The Explore ProTech Newsletter August 2022

Inside you will find a robot, some rockstars, business coaches, massive prizes, birthdays, waxing, funny hats, loosing cables (or was it marbles) and Chris wearing or not wearing a dress!!!! Most of all we are a Tribe, one that supports each other and builds each other up!!!!

A Warm Welcome to New Tribe Members!

BlueCap.ai – Justin Hacker

Justin has 13+ years experience as a full-stack developer, and he is a podcast host.
Together, Fuad and Justin developed the famous BlueCap Zoom Robot! 🙂 They help connect businesses to the technology they need. That includes things like CRM and Application Development.

Fun Fact: Justin is into spending time in nature, fishing, gaming and backyard gardening.

Book a coffee with Justin.

BlueCap.ai – Fuad Miah

Fuad has 15+ years experience in marketing, a podcast host and a public speaker.
Together, Fuad and Justin developed the famous BlueCap Zoom Robot! 🙂 They help connect businesses to the technology they need. That includes things like CRM and Application Development.

Fun Fact: Fuad has no hobbies right now, as planned. One day soon though he’d like to be spending his days on his boat, soaking up the sun, enjoying the perfect climate (between 24 and 26, partially cloudy), and having a glass of wine (hopefully with some Explore ProTech Tribe members there to keep him company). 😉

Book a coffee with Fuad.

BlueCap.ai our cute little artificial meeting virtual assistant

The First Contextually and Emotionally Intelligent Meeting Assistant. Get Things Done Faster, Smarter, and At Scale. Imagine near real-time summaries, triggering contextual tasks and populating relevant information automated and integrated seamlessly into your workflows.

Fun Fact: BlueCap loves to listen to your voice and watch your body language

Learn about BlueCap in under 10 Minutes

Goal Setting & Accountability Coach – Sondra Ray

Sondra is our new get-things-done coach. She helps you prioritize, plan and accomplish your tasks so that you can ultimately achieve your goals. I think that is brilliant and so needed! Sondra also helps her clients get things done! From managing social media to setting up systems, Sondra’s philosophy is to help her clients gain momentum immediately until they are ready to hand off ongoing tasks to other specialists. This helps her clients shorten the gap between setting and achieving their goals.

Fun Fact: Sondra is a mom of 5 with 2 bonus kids. Her hobbies include puzzles, time with family, walking her dog, and reading.

Book a coffee with Sondra.

Co-founder of Consciouspreneur Magazine – Mary Meduna-Gross, Ph.D.

Mary is the one of the co-founders of Consciouspreneur Magazine – creating a home for conscious entrepreneurs around the world. Mary has many more talents. She is also a Leadership & Entrepreneurship Thought Leader, Performance Coach, Podcaster, Author, & Speaker, as well as a Navy Veteran!

Dr. Meiya and Mary became best friends while she was dating the tribe. Now we have two Magazine Empire Owners working together. Can you imagine what they can create

Fun Fact: Mary fell hard for this tribe. She didn’t even wait to finish her “dating the tribe” process. She just signed up because she just loves what we are doing for the global economy.

Book a coffee with Mary.

Life Coach, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Process Expert- Joe Bellissimo

Joe is on a mission to build the worlds most epic listings site for solopreneurs and freelancers.

“I looked at the problems I faced as a small business owner and started to develop products that would help people that were in a similar situation. I was no longer in business for myself, I was in business to make an impact. Let’s Thrive Together.”

Fun Fact: Joe owns real estate in the metaverse – that’s where his people come to work everyday – they have a virtual office, complete with desks, coffee stations, music room, and a go kart mini-game.

Book a coffee with Joe.

This entire amazing Newsletter is a product of The Sommerville Agency!

We are so thankful to have you in our tribe!!!

– Nestene Botha

Youtube Rockstars  – This month’s videos

1 August 2022

The Power of the Professional Headshot
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

10 August 2022

Are You Focused On The 2 Most Important Income Producing Activities?
Christine Campbell Rapin

24 August 2022

Master Your Message In These 3 Areas To Win In A Crowded Marketplace
Christine Campbell Rapin

3 August 2022

3 Areas to Evaluate When Looking for A Mentor or Coach
Christine Campbell Rapin

15 August 2022

Using Case Studies as a Marketing Tool
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

25 August2022

Valuation model, the earning multiplier
Money magnet with Dr. Meiya

4 August 2022

Market capitalization valuation
Money magnet with Dr. Meiya

17 August 2022

Want to Make More Money In Your Business? Learn How in This Video
Christine Campbell Rapin

29 August 2022

The A-Z of Coaching
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

8 August 2022

Entrepreneurship: No Pain, No Gain?
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

22 August 2022

How To Prioritize Tasks!!!
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

31 August 2022

3 Ways to Add More Revenue In the Next 30 Days
Christine Campbell Rapin

A massive special thank you to all our Youtube Rockstars – both the support and the actual Youtubers! You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for making our Tribe VISIBLE! Chris KolbeAngeli van RensburgKlarissa BotesSusan GenisChristine Campbell RapinDr. Meiya Nthoesane,


The Fempreneur Course

The Fempreneur is making waves

Our Fempreneur Course is starting to make waves in the community. The Fempreneur Freebie Facebook Group has been giving away some absolutely amazing prizes. This has been possible through the Fempreneur Freebie Referral Program. We’re creating a movement to get entrepreneurs and small business owners around the world the help, love, and support they deserve! We’ve gotten in touch with and roped in some AMAZING sponsors from all around the world that have ACCESS to the RESOURCES YOU NEED in order to grow your business and put food on the table for your community! And we’re working tirelessly to pull in more!

In the past month we have given away two incredible prizes which have gone to two stunning ladies. Congratulations Christine and Janine!

– A 30-minute Virtual Professional Headshot Photoshoot with JoAnne Moorhouse Photography, which was won by Janine Lingenfelder

A Case Study Bundle valued at over 4,000USD!!! Sponsored by Emmy award-winning journalist Rafer Weigel from Weigel Media Group and Geoff Strauss from Geoff the Writer, which was won by Christine Campbell Rapin

We have invited them back onto our Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs in 3 months from now so they can tell us all about how these prizes have helped them GROW their business! 

We have another amazing prize to giveaway, this time from BlueCap.ai. They are giving away a one-year subscription to their cute little intelligent meeting assistant. He will take notes, transcribe your meeting and so so much more! You will never have to take notes again with BlueCap!

As well as prize for the Tribe Member who sells the most Fempreneur Course Tickets. This prize entails 12 months of UC Lab’s Digital Transformation Advisory. This will give you 5 hours a month in consultation with UC Lab on any of the following topics: Websites, Marketing Strategy, Productivity, Operational Efficiency, Security, AI Foundations, etc. They’ll get you started on the right path in all these areas to make sure you have a strong and scalable technology stack.

All you need to do to take part is sign-up here —>>> https://exploreprotech.com/announcing-the-fempreneur…/

Then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE EVERYWHERE! The more you share, the more points you get.

We will be announcing a bonus opportunity to earn more points on Monday, 5th September. So keep your eyes peeled!

If you haven’t joined the Fempreneur Freebie Facebook Group yet – please check it out HERE

Global Online Speed Networking

Loads of fun was had at our Global Online Speed Networking August Event. As you can see we had the awesome “photographer” Megan Deers who took tons of pics of us.

Our Global Online Speed Networking event for August was femtastic. It was all themed around our Fempreneur Course. We had some of our coaches taking a few speaker spots to tell us more about the Fempreneur, some were even room hosts, and to top it all our MC, Declan Williams, is also a Fempreneur coach.

We had so many fabulous and fierce entrepreneurs join us and make loads of connections, some of which we are looking forward to see where they lead.

As our program has developed over the last 2 years, we have included a Zoom etiquette section for every event. This time we were graced by the brilliant Chris Kolbe. He really took it to heart to show us what NOT TO DO during a zoom meeting or event, as you can see in the image below. Most of us thought he wasn’t wearing anything. He later on revealed that he was wearing a strapless dress, borrowed from his lovely lady, Lucia Visser.

Chris Kolbe (top left) cracking us all up wearing “nothing” as he explains Zoom Etiquette

This is what some of the attendees had to say:

“It just keeps getting better and better. A huge shout out to Megan and the GOSN TEAM.” Steven Levy

“Awesome and super special meeting, thank you all, looking forward the coffees.” Natasha Ungerer

“Thank you for a wonderful GOSN tonight everyone. I’ve missed you guys.” Nicky van der Walt

“VERY SPECIAL GOSN TONIGHT guys!!! YOU are so amazing!!! And Natasha was hosting whilst her niece was in labor!!! WOW Natasha!!! How awesome to be able to share those moment with you. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Thank you so much Megan and team for creating such a stunning beautiful space for us to connect in!” Nestene Botha

Our thanks specifically to the following tribe members that really stepped up during this event:

Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce Ringleader – Megan Deers, Master of Ceremonies – Declan Williams, Zoom Tech Wizard – Sommerville Lombard, and especially to our magnificent founders Nestene and Peter.
Tribe Room Hosts: Caryn Greeff,  Natasha Ungerer,  and Megan Krongberger

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Networking) Event

Explore VAN August 2022
Explore VAN having another EPIC event, resulting in 3 new VAN members

Explore VAN had an Epic event on the 18th of August 2022. There was a very special speaker, Jae-Lex Lindsey, who spoke to the VA’s about their M.E.E.T.
There was also open discussions that answered many of the questions of the attending VAs and awesome friendships were built. No-one left this event without a smile on their dial. After this amazing event, Explore VAN gained 3 new members. Exciting news!!!! Keep inviting those VAs and building this extremely supportive network.

Next month, Explore VAN will be turning 1 whole year old, and to celebrate they are expected to have 2 amazing guest speakers. They have also teamed up with VAISA (Virtual Assistant Institute of south Africa), inviting all attendees to their launch to come celebrate Explore VAN’s first birthday!

Nothing is Virtually Impossible with Explore VAN!

A special thanks to TEAM LEADERS Sommerville Lombard from The Sommerville Agency, Janine Lingenfelder from Jelani Sales, and all the other Virtual Assistants working tirelessly to grow this very important support network for our tribe!

Referral Circle

This is the first ever Referral Circle and it was a massive hit!!!

What is a Referral Circle?

A Referral Circle is groups of business people who can refer each other because they do business with the same types of customer. 

We now have our very own Referral Circle hosted by René Bresser. During this weekly event, tribe members and guests get to either present their business, talk about an event they are hosting or deliver an elevator pitch. This has done wonders for the tribe and their businesses. So many referrals and business has been generated.

This is what attendees had to say:

  • Great initiative and well done Rene, you rocking it Sir. 👏 👏. Look forward to the next one.
  • This was soooo much fun, well done René 
  • I really enjoyed the meeting too. I love the notion of referring people to the tribe.  People I know and trust and will do awesome work.  👌 also have a coaching client about to start his own business so will bring him to the next GOSN. He will benefit so much from being in this tribe…

Please don’t miss this event every Wednesday. You can checkout the tribe calendar for times.

Explore VAN’s Virtual Women’s Day High Tea

Our Virtual Women’s Day High Tea was a raging success!!!! We had nearly 30 amazing ladies in attendance.

There were amazing speakers at this event – Rita Schoeman who is a life coach, Tracey Lee Vosloo, who is a laughter coach and Jennifer Kauffman who is a Keynote Speaker, Emmy Award-Winning Producer of Mission for Good Films, a Best-Selling Author and to top it all an Award-Winning Results Coach! We also had the infamous Mo Malele deliver some epic poems!

There were amazing prizes and freebies up for grabs and some awesome activities that the women attending participated in. One of which was a Best Dressed Competition, and the prize went to Caryn Greeff. See the photo below

Now you can just imagine how much fun this bunch of amazing women had!! Thank you to all the ladies who participated and especially the team that made this event possible. If you missed out or want to be part of the next one, contact Janine Lingenfelder. We would love a Sponsor for the Virtual High Tea 2023 too!

Explore VAN’s Virtual Women’s Day High Tea Agenda
All the amazing attendees of the Virtual Women’s Day High Tea. Don’t they all look amazing with their hats and flowers in their hair. Absolutely stunning and a wonderful way to introduce Spring!

Tribe Training – What we’ve learned!

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the trainers that brought their A-Game to the Tribe Training space this month! It is because of you guys that we just keep getting better and better and better – every single week!

We also succeeded in collating all our Tribe Training session recordings in a Tribe Training Vault. Tribe Members are encouraged to search our Members-Only Facebook Group for the Tribe Training Vault so they can access all past Tribe Training sessions. 🙂

Projects and Other Noteworthy Updates

Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

The Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs shares so much value every week. The latest topic which took the show by storm was “The Importance of Case Studies for Your Business”. We absolutely are loving it #coffeeshopshow

Please don’t miss this amazing show, it is every Monday. You can checkout the tribe calendar for times.

One of our Tribe members, Meiya Nthoesane, decided to run The Ultimate Human Race – The Comrades Marathon. He had the whole weight of his tribe behind him, encouraging him all the way with inspirational messages. To top it all we were following him live on the app to see where he was in his race.

Steven Levy, “So proud of you Dr. Meiya as you should be. This is a grueling race and just finishing it is huge. To finish as you did is amazing. 🏆🏆 Well done to you Sir.🙌🙌”

Dr. Meiya finished with the 90km marathon in just under 10 hours. Congratulations on a job well done! Looking forward to the encore next year!!!

Other Noteworthy Contributions

In some other-worldly news, Janine was visited by a very special guest at Explore VAN. We had everyone try to guest who this Space Bunny was.
Can you guess who is it?


Seems the Coffee Shop Conversation Show is the place to be for fun and games too.

Joanne Moorhouse took a very sneaky pic of Peter and had everyone in stitches.


On this very special episode of the Coffee Shop Conversation Show, Chris had to get waxed.

So our producer Chris Kolbe, had his legs waxed live on the show. He promised when our YouTube channel reaches over 1000 subscribers he will be waxed LIVE. We are now over 3000 subscribers so the time has come.

And you got us there, so Chris had to keep his word!!!! OUCH!!!!
Watch Chris get waxed on the show —>> Entrepreneurship: No Pain, No Gain?

Doing it the Explore ProTech Way

Coffee First, Business Later!
The mindset coming into a network is building the relationship to get to know the person behind the business first, then “How can I help refer YOU?” without expectation of business in return. This way everyone will support everyone else in growing their business. You will do business with people in the TRIBE (and that’s good) but if this is your objective you won’t grow your business.

Janine Lingenfelder (left) & Natasha Ungerer (right)

Time to get out and about and stretch those legs, now that covid restrictions have been lifted.

Some tribe members had in-person coffees with each other. It looks like you all had a ball!

Unfortunately not all coffees can be in-person when you are part of a global community, but this is what virtual coffees are for.

Having coffees, virtually or in-person, is how we build the greatest of relationships, and that is what we are all about!!!

Caryn Greeff (left) & Mentor René Bresser (right)
Janine and Lesetja having a virtual coffee chat.
Virtual Coffees work just as well. Bring your own cuppa coffee, your awesome personality and your smile. You will have a definite recipe for success!!!
Janine (right) to Caryn’s (left) rescue

When in need, lean on your Tribe

This is a true story of how our Tribe Members jumped in to help a fellow Tribie in desperate need!

This is how the conversation went:

Caryn: Oh my word fellow tribe. I am in such a pickle.  I am doing a three hour session at a big pharmaceutical conference tomorrow morning at 9am. I arrived at Thabo Eco Hotel (JHB south) and realised that I forgot to pack in my laptop charger. The hotel has no spare chargers (it is for a Dell with a wide hole not pin) I have the work on a flash drive as well so I either need a laptop that I can use or anyone with a charger, that lives near to where I am. Just putting it out there with a prayer🙏

After this message came through, several Tribe Members jumped into the conversation, giving suggestions, or offering help within a few minutes! Within an hour and a half, Caryn had her solution knock at her door – literally! Well Done to the most amazing Tribe in the world.

Here is a message from Caryn going out to the Tribe:
Stuck and stressed in JHB and in a huge jam, and my fellow tribe mates come to the rescue. Janine, thank you for taking the time to drive here and sort it out. The words are not enough. Linda, for reaching out, Tzippy, Sommerville, Steven…oh my goodness, this family is the best❤️ Janine your first bottle at your preferred wine farm is on me🙏😘 love you all😘😘 I am ready to rock and roll tomorrow and blow some socks off🤩

Now this is what it is all about….. family and taking some much needed time off! Sometimes we just need that break to reset the mind, so that when we hit the ground running again, we are refreshed and stronger than before!

Wolf and his wife going on Bike trails, enjoying the outdoors!
Brian de Castro worked half the day then took his son out for ice-cream – yum!!
Cathi Williams missed the High Tea to spend time with family on the golf course. By all means, family comes first.

A Word from our Sponsors

This space in our newsletter is dedicated to some snippets from our Sponsors. Read what they’ve got to say about their involvement with our tribe and how you can support them so they can support us better! It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win situation we’re after. 🙂

From Steven Levy – Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

Mr. Levy – one of the best leadership and business coaches in the whole entire world.


At some point on our life’s journey, we will ask of ourselves whether we are successful?

Firstly, you need to define what success looks like for YOU and NOT compare to others.

Only when you have absolute clarity of where you going and where you currently are, will you be able to start constructing YOUR own road to success.

Will there be uphill’s, downhills, peaks and valleys, hairpin bends and even the possibility of some off road? – YES! Accept this is part of the journey and that, YOUR route you have paved, serves as a guide for you to constantly reference to, ensuring you able to keep coming back on track and possibly reconstructing “your road”, when having to face any of these challenges or take any unexpected detours in order to achieve YOUR success.

Steven Levy Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond, Global Leadership & Business Coach

**If you like the influence that Mr. Levy has had on the way we’ve built our tribe, give him a shoutout on Linkedin and help us promote him as one of the best leadership coaches in the entire world. 🙂 🙂 🙂

From Scott Cundill – Fempreneur – Festival of Referrals and Introductions Event

Fempreneur – Festival of referrals and introductions event
Scott (top-left), Nestene & Peter (top-right), Caryn Greeff (bottom-left), Gemma Osterloh (bottom-right)

Scott Cundill – we’re working together on a lead generation project called “The Fempreneur Festival of Referrals and IntroductionsIt will be happening on 8 September (check the Tribe Calendar for your timezone’s respective time) Scott has promised to wear a pink dress just for the occasion. You know you can’t afford to miss out on this event. there are close to 1 000 people that are going to attend. So if you have not registered for this event, now is the time.

We also have some more news…. Caryn Greeff, The Fempreneur Course Representative, will be joining Scott in presenting this amazing event. Whoohoo!

This entire amazing Newsletter is a product of The Sommerville Agency!

We are so thankful to have you in our tribe!!!

– Nestene Botha

  • Rene Bresser is has started the Referral Circle for The Explore ProTech Tribe! Entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to join the circle in order to share what they do, learn about what others do, and swop trusted referrals. Check the Tribe calendar for more info.
  • Steven Westwood is getting involved in marketing the Fempreneur with a special press release and paid marketing strategy!
  • Dr. Meiya has sponsored 15 instagram size advertising spaces in the next issue of his magazine as prizes for the Fempreneur Facebook Group.
    Thanks a million Meiya!

Have we missed anything???

Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other newsworthy things happened with our tribe members in August 2022!

On our own, each of our voices is beautiful and unique, but together our voices create the most beautiful symphony that will change the world for the better and forever!

On Our Most Wanted List

  • Entrepreneurs that specialize in PR distribution, please!
  • Virtual Assistants that are new and have an interest in lead generation or a VA that wants to change their niche to Lead Generation
  • Possible Sponsors for our events

Introductions can be sent to nestene@exploreprotech.com. Please and Thank You! 🙂 🙂 🙂