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The Explore ProTech Newsletter April 2022

New banner by Willemien Barnard!

**In our featured image: Our favorite sponsor – Scott Cundil from My Most Trusted – looking super fly with his new Explore ProTech background at the Global Evolution of Business Summit! Joined by Tribe Members – Megan Deers, Betty Ann Ellis, and Rachel Williams!

From Peter and Nestene

You’ve got a TRIBE, don’t worry about the rest

1 May 2022

Hey beautiful tribe humans! We are doing better! We’re still like not 100%, and I went to the ER too about 2 days ago, but we’re getting better. The worst is over. So we’ll be back in business by tomorrow. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Thank you so so so so much for each and every one of you that supported us during this time. I am so so thankful for our amazing business family. Covid messes with your body, but what it does to your mind is so much worse.

Dr. Meiya proudly representing the tribe on Youtube whilst educating the world’s entrepreneurs on the different types of Capital in the most polished way possible! Such a proud Tribe Moment!

And as an entrepreneur, being in charge of making the money that’s supposed to keep you alive, and being that sick, and medical expenses and stuff… like it can just get so lonely and overwhelming and it makes you anxious and depressed, but then there are you guys!

And you’re like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day and you’re all messaging us asking how you can help and letting us know that we’re going to be okay. You really are something else.

Explore ProTech is going down in history as the tribe that saved the global economy – one small business at a time and this is exactly why… Cause we’re not alone anymore. And there is so much genuine love and care and support and help and everything in this group.

You guys have been selected and invited into this space and onto this journey, because you’re the most fun, authentic, caring, growth-minded entrepreneurs in the world and you want to create that safety that all entrepreneurs need and crave and very few ever get. It’s like security. Like a blanket. Or a fire on a cold winter’s day.

And so I want to say thank you and WE ARE OKAY and it’s all because of YOU. And I hope that you know how SPECIAL that is. And I hope that every tribe member that reads this today gets a warm-and-fuzzy-marshmallows-on-the-fire feeling when you read this because you’ll know that you too will never be alone again.

You’ve got a business family, a tribe, people that actually care about you and are going to be there for you no matter what and that’s real safety, security, and peace of mind.

Sending love and sunshine to all of you beautiful people! Give yourself a hug cause you’re awesome and you deserve it!

Catch you on the flip side. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Lots of Love,

Nestene and Peter

A Warm Welcome to New Tribe Members!

Online Fitness and Finance Transformation Specialist – Ritchie Nkana

Ritchie Nkana from the body and bank vitality helps entrepreneurs transform their fitness and finances using a cutting-edge and never before seen approach to holistic wellness coaching. The first person from the tribe that Richie was introduced to, was fellow wellness coach Brian DeCastro – the leader of LifeForce (the health and wellness pillar of our tribe). Apparently, that virtual coffee lasted for hours – and they spoke about everything but business. That’s when Ritchie knew he just had to give #TribeLife a shot. He is joining our tribe “hoping to add value to other members and continue to learn and grow from such an amazing tribe with such a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge.”

Let’s get to know our new Tribe Family Member! Book a Coffee with Ritchie today.

Freelance Web Copywriter and CEO at Written with Design – Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams knows what your customers are thinking – and what to say to get them to listen! One of our first ever conversations was around her belief in collaborating with others in her industry, creating win-win-win referral partner and work relationships between solopreneurs that truly get what it’s all about. And true to form she’s met with some of our other copywriters and marketers and then promptly decided to join the tribe. We’re looking forward to adding this excellent addition to our pool of writing talent and we know she shares our values and will make our tribe even stronger than before.

Let’s get to know our new Tribe Family Member! Book a Coffee with Rachel today.

Youtube Rockstars – Our month in video

1 April 2022

The FBiz Show – Virtual Assistant and Laughter Coach – Tracey Vosloo

6 April 2022

What is the COI In Your Business? The Cost of Inaction Is Hurting Your Business w Christine Campbell Rapin

14 April 2022

The different types of capital – Money Magnet w Dr. Meiya

27 April 2022

Global News for Entrepreneurs Episode 25 – Christine Campbell Rapin

4 April 2022

The Power of Collaboration and Networking – The Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs

11 April 2022

Productivity and Motivation for Entrepreneurs – The Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs

18 April 2022

Natural Self Help Tools for the Busy Entrepreneur Interview between Natalie Clack and Lorie Wu

28 April 2022

What Does Success Look Like in The Next 7 Days? with Christine Campbell Rapin

4 April 2022

Natural Self Help Tools for the Busy Entrepreneur Interview between Natalie Clack and Cathy Williams

12 April 2022

Our tribe reached 17,500 views on Youtube!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

20 April 2022

Our tribe reached 250 uploads on Youtube!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

28 April 2022

Money Magnet with Dr Meiya – Free Cashflow

6 April 2022

Global News for Entrepreneurs Episode 24 – Martie Cronje the Complete VA

13 April 2022

Our tribe reached 1,000 subscribers on Youtube! #WatchThisSpace

25 April 2022

Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs – The Coffee Shop Conversations Show for Entrepreneurs

29 April 2022

The FBiz Show – Financial Virtual Assistant – Susan Genis

A massive special thank you to all our Youtube Rockstars – both the support and the actual Youtubers! You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for making our Tribe VISIBLE! Chris Kolbe, Angeli van Rensburg, Klarissa Botes, Susan Genis, Christine Campbell Rapin, Dr. Meiya Nthoesane, Natalie Clack.


Our Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce outdid themselves in the way that they pulled off our Global Online Speed Networking Event that was situated smack-bam in the middle of the Global Evolution of Business Summit this month. Thanks to them all our tribe members were kitted out with custom virtual backgrounds featuring their individual business logos and proclaiming their allegiance to Explore ProTech.

A SPECIAL THANKS to ALL the TRIBE MEMBERS that got involved in pulling off this feat with a roaring success, whilst Nestene and Peter were down for the count with Covid19!

Global Online Speed Networking 20 April 2022 at The Global Evolution of Business Summit

Global Online Speed Networking 20 April 2022

Our thanks specifically to the following tribe members that really stepped up during this event:

Global Online Speed Networking Taskforce Director – Megan Deers, Master of Ceremonies – Chris Kolbe, Zoom Tech Wizard – Sommerville Lombard, Virtual Sales Assistant – Janine Lingenfelder, Super Human Connector – Betty Ann Ellis, Main Virtual Assistant and Laughter Coach – Tracey Lee Vosloo, Backup VA – Lee Anne Webster, Zoom Etiquette Speaker – Steven Levy, Tribe Speakers: Christine Campbell Rapin, Wolfgang von Geramb, Tribe Room Hosts: Darlene Petrie, Ziza Natur, Declan Williams, Linda Dent, Rene Bresser, Natasha Ungerer, Dr. Meiya and Rhona MacCormick.

And of course, a very special thank you to the one and only Mo Malele who again, WOWED the world with her Economic Warriors poem – inspired by our tribe, but dedicated to entrepreneurs around the world. If you haven’t yet downloaded her album, you can still help her reach 1 million streams! She is so close! Get it here.

You can also watch her perform a version of this poem on our Coffee Shop Conversations Show over here.

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Networking) Event 28 April 2022

Janine, Sommerville, and the rest of the Explore VAN Gang at the April 2022 Explore VAN event. Check out those gangster backgrounds! Stunning work ladies! Groundbreaking!

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network) delivered another great get together for their budding community of Virtual Assistants that are working tirelessly to create a rock-solid network of business relationships between Virtual Assistants around the world that want to build together, support each other and the entrepreneurs in our beautiful Explore ProTech Core Network. This complimentary network has proven time and again the power that it offers our tribe in terms of support from the RIGHT support personnel and this month was no exception.

A special thanks to TEAM LEADERS Sommerville Lombard from The Sommerville Agency, Janine Lingenfelder from Jelani Sales, and all the other Virtual Assistants working tirelessly to grow this very important support network for our tribe!

Tribal Council Events 7 April 2022 & 28 April 2022

Entrepreneurs were swopping services for testimonials, helping each other solve problems, volunteering to take part in roleplay scenarios to help up each other’s conversation rate, inviting each other to appear on shows, sharing event and software information, volunteering to host mastermind sessions on topics that all of us need solved, discussing joint projects… That’s what went down at our bi-monthly Tribal Council Events in April.

No money was exchanged, yet so much value changed hands. And literally, every single person at every Tribal Council Event was so dedicated to just supporting their fellow #businessfamily members. This is EXACTLY what entrepreneurs around the world have always needed! This is how we’re going to save the global economy – one small business at a time.

A massive shoutout to the best Master of Ceremonies in the world, who tirelessly keep showing up and pulling off GREAT tribal councils every single month – Chris Kolbe.

**Tribe Members are encouraged to check the Tribe Calendar for monthly, weekly, and bi-monthly upcoming events. Our entrepreneurs and taskforces are always creating new, fun, and noteworthy spaces that enable us to grow as entrepreneurs, and as a tribe. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Non-Tribe-Members are encouraged to register for events that are OPEN to the general public through the events page on our website. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Tribe Training – What we’ve learned…

We, once again, had a fantastic lineup of fabulous tribe training sessions, allowing us to learn, grow and get better, as a business family – together.

“The Tribe that Learns together, Grows together!”

Marlon August aka Mr. Super Sales

5 April 2022 Live your Best Life with Coach Cathi

Coach Cathi Williams covered how to make those small changes that are going to make the biggest difference in how you think and feel about your life and what results you get from your actions! An awesome practically useful self-confidence-boosting session!

Members can access the recording and notes of the session over here.

12 April 2022 Public Speaking Training with Ziza Natur

Speaker, influencer, and vocal coach – our starlet and first tribe member from Romania, Ziza Natur, brought a level of warmth, innovation, expertise, and fun to this epic public speaking coaching session! Definitely a must for any entrepreneur that includes speaking opportunities in their visibility strategy!

Members can access the recording and notes of the session over here.

19 April 2022 Solopreneur to Halopreneur with Clifford Starks

Transformational coach Clifford Starks spoke to us about implementing the halo effect in business, to ensure your reach, relationships and power is leveraged through the amount of people you help in business. Such a simple, yet powerful concept, explained with the authenticity and honesty that only a true Halopreneur can demonstrate.

Members can access the recording and notes of the session over here.

26 April 2022 How to fill your pipeline with referrals with Steve Sweeney

Referral Academy coach Steve Sweeney brought the Australian charm to business in this session in which we got to talk about implementing a referral system that produces consistent work, referrals, and predictable growth. One of the cornerstone concepts that any B2B entrepreneur needs to master in order to stay relevant and in business, this session was very much appreciated.

Members can access the recording and notes of the session over here.

Tribe Members are encouraged to keep an eye on our Tribe Calendar for further weekly Tribe Training opportunities with upcoming experts. Non-Tribe-Members are encouraged to keep an eye out for complimentary invites to upcoming training sessions (sent out at our discretion from time to time) sent out to entrepreneurs that choose to stay in touch with us via our email list.

Projects and other Noteworthy Updates

The Fempreneur Family Project

Our Fempreneur Family Back Office and Marketing Support Team have been working tirelessly to create all the marketing collateral to take this course to market once again. Together they’ve managed to, in a very short period of time, produce some of the best, copy, graphics, logos, and marketing content we’ve EVER seen! Hang on to your hats people, cause this course is about to blast off and make our Fempreneur Coaches VERY famous – once again!

A special thanks to the absolute best project manager in the world – Sommerville Lombard, the most caring copywriter in the world – Rhona MacCormick, the Grandmaster of Graphic Design – Willemien Barnard, Mr. Super Sales aka Marlon August and the Face of the Fempreneur – Caryn Greeff.

The LifeForce Thrive Beta Project

“We should do more of the things that make us happy and healthy! Learn to thrive, not just survive. You’re an entrepreneur. You’ve got this! Live life abundantly – like you mean it. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs that are going to encourage and push you to live your best life. Share your achievements. Rejoice in theirs. The sky is the limit for those that choose LIFEFORCE.”

Brian DeCastro – LifeForce Leader & Holistic Wellness Coach

April 2022 saw the launch of our tribe’s first-ever Lifeforce THRIVE Beta challenge. And for me, this is when it got very, very real. I was down and out with Covid, but just seeing the amazing motivation messages, tips, advice, and more importantly the photos of our entrepreneurs around the world, engaging in activities designed to help them THRIVE, not just survive, gave me such hope and inspiration! I will definitely be joining this amazing group of entrepreneurs on the THRIVE journey as soon as is humanly possible!

And our hope is that what started out as a tiny spark of LifeForce in one wellness warrior’s eye, will soon become a massive movement of LifeForce throughout the entire tribe – reminding us that we, as entrepreneurs, were meant to THRIVE and that we CAN and will THRIVE – no matter what life throws at us, because we’ve got LifeForce and Team Thrive on our side, and a whole bunch of amazing entrepreneurs around the world sharing our passion, drive and right to abundant living.

Tribe Members and non Tribe Members are reminded to get in touch with Brian DeCastro to find out how LifeForce can support you in living your best life!

Special thanks to Brian DeCastro and the Thrive Team, Dan Nisker, and Steve Anderson for launching this initiative. And a very special thank you to tribe members Rhona MacCormick and Nicky van der Walt for contributing some beautifully inspiring images – reminding us that we, as entrepreneurs, were meant to be bold, go forth, conquer and THRIVE.

The Tribe Song Project

We’ve found the perfect #creativepreneurs to help us make our next Tribe Song! This song will be used on Youtube as an intro to our Coffee Shop Conversations Show and will talk about everything #tribelife means to us. We’re so thankful for everyone that has volunteered to help out on this project! Spots are still open so if you think you can contribute, get in touch with Kenton Edward Dobrowolski!

Wolfgang von Geramb aka The Wolf of Hamburg – TedX Speaker and Exitpreneur Business Coach will be manning the lead guitar for our Tribe Song!

So far we want to thank our very incredible amazing set of volunteers on this project – EPIC sound producer and audio marketing specialist – Kenton Edward Dobrowolski on sound production. Lead Vocals by public speaking and vocal coach – Ziza Natur, Slam Poetry by Slam Poet and Digital Marketer – Mo Malele, Key Board by Leadership Coach, Dr. Barbara “Barbs” van Heerden, guitar by Wolfgang von Geramb aka The Wolf of Hamburg – TedX Speaker and Exitpreneurs Business Coach.

Other Noteworthy Contributions

Steven Levy aka Mr. Levy continues to provide excellent leadership coaching, support, and advice to all our Explore ProTech Leaders.

Willemien Barnard aka the Grandmaster of Graphic Design has given our Linkedin profile backgrounds a complete overhaul. Aren’t they beautiful?!

Sommerville Lombard, continues to outdo herself. This month she’s helping us stay organised! She created an Explore ProTech folder/ shortcut icon for our entire tribe to use when filing away information that has anything to do with our tribe. πŸ™‚ Tribe Members can download it here.

Susan Genis has taken over and continues to spruce up our Members Directory. Check it out!

Matthew Iyiola has contributed a complete 4 email automated email sequence to our ‘dating the tribe’ experience and also completed a new Cases Study on one of our most successful tribepreneurs – Rene Bresser. Thank you so much, Matthew! Your writing continues to delight and amaze our entire tribe on every single project you get involved in.

Dr. Meiya successfully launched and published the first issue of Financeium Entrepreneurial Magazine. The magazine sponsored advertising space to all our tribe members as a special thank you launch gift to entrepreneurs around the world!

Have we missed anything??? Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other newsworthy things happened with our tribe members in April 2022! On our own, each of our voices is beautiful and unique, but together our voices create the most beautiful symphony that will change the world for the better and forever!

On Our Most Wanted List

As a Tribe we’re continuously looking out for all our tribe members’ best interests. Our “most wanted” list is the list of referrals and resources we need right now to do that even better! Read it. Maybe you know someone that knows someone that knows someone that needs can help us save the global economy – one small business at a time!

This month we’re looking for referrals to:

  • Potential new tribe members. B2B Service-based entrepreneurs that are fun, authentic, caring, and growth-minded who want to join a business family focused on creating a safe space for all of us to do business in for the rest of our lives.
  • Potential new sponsors. Medium to large companies looking to gain more visibility and reach more B2B Service-based entrepreneurs in return for supporting the needs of our tribe. Think software providers, influencers, YouTubers, banks, etc.
  • Tribe Members who want to get involved in producing this newsletter on a monthly basis!
  • Tribe Members who want to get involved in the Tribe Song project! Instrumentalists, video editors, vocalists, lyric writers, etc!
  • More entrepreneurs who want to join our LifeForce space and help us GROW it into the internationally well-known movement it is destined to become.
  • More web developers to backup and help scale our current developers.
  • More virtual assistants to join and help grow our Explore VAN community.
  • Youtube Growth specialists and influencers to help grow our Youtube Channel even more.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation specialists to help drive traffic to our events.
  • PR partners.
  • Expert Coaches, Trainers, and Motivational Speakers to provide more tribe training sessions to the entrepreneurs in our community.
  • Social Media Managers to manage our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin engagement and content.
  • A Blog Manager for our Blog.
  • Entrepreneurs that are interested in guest blogging opportunities.
  • A Project Manager for our Tribe Member Membership Card and Benefits project.
  • Potential benefit partners for our Tribe Member Membership Card and Benefits project.

Know any of these people??? Please put them in touch with us by introducing them via email or Linkedin and notifying Nestene on Whatsapp that the introduction has been done! Thanking you in advance for helping grow our tribe and mission team!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to our Sponsors

Without your support, encouragement, and belief in our dream and what we stand for, none of this would be possible. From the bottom of the heart of every single one of our Tribe Members – THANK YOU!

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