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The Explore ProTech Newsletter October 2022

Inside you will find Tribies getting to know each other not only virtually, but also at some Face2Face Meetups. Staying true to the Explore ProTech motto of “Coffee First, Business Later” we get to know each other and build relationships first before talking business.
Doing business with each other is just a BONUS!!!

What's Inside

A Warm Welcome to New Tribe Members!

Brand Ambassador for My Most Trusted Network - Gemma Osterloh

Please join me in welcoming Gemma Osterloh. She’s a brilliant young entrepreneur that represents the MMT space. She is looking to learn, network and be supportive here.


Web Developer - Carina Diesel

Let's give a big warm tribal welcome to Carina Diesel. She is a full stack Web Developer. Her specialty is custom coded websites. She can also do WordPress sites.

Fun Fact: Carina is a big Stephen King Fan but don’t ask her to watch movies or series about the things she likes to read


Voice-over Artist - James Brown

Let me introduce you to James Brown. James is originally from the world of documentary making. He enjoys writing and telling stories. He makes money from voice over work and he's keen to dip his toes into the world of MC'ing.

Fun Fact: He's keen to serve, make friends and get onto the Forbes 500 list with us.


Certified APMP Proposal Professional - Izane Cloete-Hamilton

Please join me in welcoming Izane Cloete-Hamilton. She helps companies win business through sales proposals, bids, and presentations.

Fun Fact: Izane is an absolute coffee snob. So book those coffees guys and bring a good cuppa with you.


This entire amazing Newsletter is a product of 

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We are so thankful to have you in our tribe!!!

– Nestene Botha

YouTube Rockstarts - This Month's Videos

3 October 2022

What is the Fempreneur Movement?
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

5 October 2022

Shift to Break Past the 6 Figure Barrier in Your Business
Christine Campbell Rapin

6 October 2022

5 Limiting Concepts and Myths about Finances
The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya

10 October 2022

Critical Thinking Skills for Fempreneurs
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

12 October 2022

Reasons You Are Struggling to Find Clients Who Will Pay For Your Services
Christine Campbell Rapin

13 October 2022

Cashflow Matters
The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya

17 October 2022

What is a Fempreneur?
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

24 October 2022

What is the Fempreneur Course?
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

26 October 2022

Making Consistency Easier On Your Business Journey
Christine Campbell Rapin

27 October 2022

The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya

31 October 2022

The Reason for the Fempreneur Course
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs



THE FEMPRENEUR COURSE - The Course that will change the face of your business!

As you all know, our vision is to save the global economy one small business at a time and part of our plan to achieve that is to change the lives of entrepreneurs around the world with our exceptional Fempreneur program. It is the only course designed by our handpicked global business coaches to help entrepreneurs identify, monetize, and market their unique value. It’s the ultimate online course to accelerate the business success of start-up or scale-up businesses.
With our signature Fempreneur program, we can bring multiple business owners on the journey to success in just 16 weeks. The overarching aim for our fierce Economic Warriors is to have a sustainable business model that will make all their wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true!
We have been exploring new avenues to promote The Fempreneur Course, with this in mind I would like to introduce you to our AMAZING Fempreneur Business Development Team. They will be taking the reigns to promote the course. They will be creating engagement and awareness, getting involved in the fundraising and crowdfunding efforts, getting us infront of the right institutions for negotiations towards signups.
We have been in contact with a number of prestigious Business Schools and negotiations are ongoing with the help of our new Biz Dev Team. One full proposal is currently under consideration and our aim is to create entrepreneurial success stories and economic empowerment on a massive scale.
We would love your support so please keep getting involved in our referral program, direct anyone you know who might be a good fit for the program to our landing page https://exploreprotech.com/fempreneur/ or get in touch with Nestene if you have any contacts or ideas you’d like to share.

Not to brag or anything... but this is what happens when a TEAM decides to #SaveTheGlobalEconomy. I have never seen anything like it. The Fempreneur backend marketing team have managed to do what I've never seen done in business and keywords before. Congratulations to: Project Manager - Sommerville Kimberley Lombard Copywriter - Rhona MacCormick Graphic Designer - Willemien Barnard Youtube Manager - Chris Kolbe Web Developer - Rene Bresser Marketing Strategist - Marlon August Acacio Oly This team is one of the most HIGH performing, results producing teams I've ever had the pleasure of working with. I am in AWE of you ladies & gents. And a MASSIVE WELL DESERVED THANK YOU to the ENTIRE Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven Community and ALL our referral partners for supporting our marketing team ALL THE WAY. They, again, could not have pulled this off this well without the support of ALL of you. You entrepreneurs give me goosebumps. You are simply amazing. You give me hope. I cannot wait to live in the future that you're all creating together. Beautiful things happen when beautiful souls work together towards a common goal.

Leaderboard update! 🙂 🙂 🙂
**Entrepreneurs need 35 points or more in order to qualify for being entered into the draw on Monday 7 Nov 2022 for the 4 Coaches Coaching Bundle sponsored by Cathi Williams, Rita Marais-Schoeman, Steven Levy & Marléne Nunes.
Attend the LIVE stream of the Coffee Shop Show this morning (2 hours from now at 11:00 (GMT+2) for bonus point opportunities, or watch the replay within 48 hours.
Every point over 35 increases your chances of winning so keep racking up those points by sharing your unique referral link everywhere! Get your link here—>>> https://exploreprotech.com/fempreneur-prize-list/**
Stats on the Leaderboard:
Martie Cronje is in the lead with 52 points. Sommerville Kimberley Lombard following closely with 48 points. Janine Lingenfelder in third place currently with 43 points.

The next INCREDIBLE prize up for grabs for the entrepreneurs in this community is a STUNNER!

This prize is a ……………………………..

Nope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are going to have to go look at the Prize Page to find out what is NEXT —>>>  https://exploreprotech.com/fempreneur-prize-list/

Referral Program Prize Winners

Virtual Headshot Photoshoot

Awarded to: Janine Lingenfelder

Sponsored by:
Joanne Moorhouse from Joanne Moorhouse Photography
Awarded on: 5 August 2022

Case Study Bundle

Awarded to: Christine Campbell Rapin
Sponsored by: Geoff Strauss & Rafer Weigel from Just Case Studies & Weigel Media

Awarded on: 29 August 2022

BlueCap Subscription

Awarded to: Hendrik Baird, gifted to Martie Cronje
Sponsored by:
Fuad Miah & Justin Hacker from Bluecap

Awarded on: 12 September 2022

Eventraptor Subscription

Awarded to: Martie Cronje
Sponsored by: Jennie & Steve Eriksen from Eventraptor
Awarded on: 10 October 2022

Linkedin Lead Gen Bundle

Awarded to: Carina Diesel
Sponsored by:Michelle Scott, Steven Levy, Scott Cundill

Awarded on: 24 October 2022


Awarded to: Susan Genis
Sponsored by:
Marlene Nunes, Rita Schoeman, Cathi Williams, Steven Levy

Awarded on: 7 November 2022

Global Online Speed Networking (GOSN)

Our Global Online Speed Networking Event, in association with MMT, for October was an awesome and fun event. We had podcasters, VAs, coaches, Web designers, graphic designers, app developers, and so many more join us for a fun 2 hours of networking. We have heard of so many connections being made and collaborations taking place. It is astounding the power of people being genuinely themselves and building on a business relationship first before even talking about business!

We even had an epic After party where some of us grabbed a glass of our favourite beverage and just got to know each other a whole lot better. We even had a New Tribe Member join us because of this relationship building session.

We had a Tech room for those wanting to learn how to install this amazing software and how to use it. We had networking rooms where many connections were made and coffees booked. This is what we live for, to see relationships being build before any business is done!

Congratulations to the GOSN Task Force for all their hard work in the background to make this successful. You guys are freakin’ amazing! Megan Deers, Janine Lingenfelder, Sommerville Lombard, & Darlene Petrie.

We also want to thank Explore VAN for sponsoring the Room Hosts for the event. You ladies are absolutely incredible. 

If you want to come to our next exciting event where you will make awesome business connections, then register for November –>>> https://zurl.co/i2qn

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network)

Explore VAN October was a smashing success!!!!

Just look at this VAN go! WOW! A massive shoutout to all the Virtual Assistants that attended Explore VAN today!

You ladies (and gents) are the backbone of the economy and Explore ProTech! We adore you!

Our theme for October was Cyber Security. This went down very well with everyone that attended. We were given info on how to prevent our systems from being hacked to virus protection to password protection.


Quote of the day: “Don’t think you won’t be hacked, prepare like you will be!”

A special thanks to TEAM LEADERS Sommerville Lombard from The Sommerville Agency, Janine Lingenfelder from Jelani Sales, and all the other Virtual Assistants working tirelessly to grow this very important support network for our tribe!

Tribal Council

During the tribal council, we take everything we’ve learned and shared in all other meetings and see how we can actually use them. There, you’ll get input from other tribe members for a balanced perspective.

This is a fun and safe space to talk about your business and where you need help. Tribe members are always willing to give you input and/or refer the right people to help you. 

Here is what some members had to say:

“Great laughs and advise shared. How else can it be? We are the tribe, and we make things happen. Kudos to the founders and the members!”

“I am so grateful I attended this morning.   Helping others, sharing and finding solutions.  Time well spent!”

“Had lots of fun and got great advice in today’s tribal council. Thanks tribies, you’re the best. “

“Oh wow, you just missed a super interesting Tribal Council. We have managed to formulate some cool and exciting plans to solve our various issues, and the answers were in front of our eyes all along, it only took some fresh perspectives to spot them! I am super excited, @Lesetja Mokou , for our plan! Thanks Peter! This is the reason I joined this tribe!”

What an amazing group of entrepreneurs! If you aren’t there then you really are missing out.

Referral Circle

During the Referral Circle, the focus is on getting to know each other so that we can refer each other. 🙂 Here we build strong business relationships that help us grow.  At the beginning of each session, we have an entrepreneur give us a short presentation. We all learn so much during these presentaions, that you walk away feeling just that little more wiser than when you arrived.


Below are some of our latest videos. Be brave and check them out, you never know what you may learn or who you can give a referral to:

Natasha Ungerer

– Why Build a Brand?

Wolfgang von Geramb 

 The Heart of the Entrepreneur

Lesetja Mokou 

– Entrepreneur Blind Spots

Cathi Williams – How to improve your habits to make your business more productive

Tribe Training

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the trainers that brought their A-Game to the Tribe Training space this month! It is because of you guys that we just keep getting better and better and better – every single week!

We also succeeded in collating all our Tribe Training session recordings in a Tribe Training Vault. Tribe Members are encouraged to search our Members-Only Facebook Group for the Tribe Training Vault so they can access all past Tribe Training sessions. 🙂



Our Latest Blogs & Success Stories

Projects and Other Noteworthy Updates

The Coffee Shop Show for Entrepreneurs

On the coffee shop show, if you are not careful you will get caught having fun by someone on a screenshot. That someone will then turn you into a meme. On our game show style show, you can also demonstrate your expertise and position yourself in front of our large audience all over the globe. You also get to share valuable tips that people can use and pick up some tips for yourself. We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to give away prizes. So come join us every Monday and get noticed!!

WIN: A Limited Series Podcast

You can win a content production package worth $1,500 which includes:

  • 12 Podcast Episodes

  • 12 Audio Snippets

  • Two hour-long training sessions

  • 1 Blog Article

  • A copy of our Ebook

  • A 15% discount on all our products and services

Enter today at https://baird.media/competition

The Next Design Apprentice

Designer Art Graphics with Natasha Ungerer, is all grown up and scaling!
Good News! There’s a fantastic opportunity for you to develop some TOP-NOTCH design skills when you choose to get involved to help her SCALE! This is called The Next Design Apprentice!

The Next Design Apprentice is a skills development program for entrepreneurs who want to:

1. Learn foundational design philosophy directly from a super successful experienced entrepreneur in the field.
2. Develop your design skills using the suite of Adobe Creative Cloud products that we’ve bought in for this purpose.
3. Practice and receive feedback on your progress by completing and submitting fun design projects designed by Natasha and inspired by her day-to-day design practice.

So to apply to get involved in this EPIC PROGRAM simply email Sommerville – info@exploreprotech.com

Here the Candidates are being taught by Natasha on the basics of design. How it starts with a basic idea and slowly develops into a stunning logo.

T-Shirt Design Competition Entries

We wanted to have your brand featured on merchandise we’re planning on distributing to entrepreneurs all over the world as part of our #Viral, #SaveTheGlobalEconomy, #JoinTheMovement campaign? So we created a co-branded T-Shirt competition. Any TShirt Design that gets 25 loves from the entrepreneurs in our community will then be distributed via our viral referral partner program.

These design had to have the following included in the design:

– The Explore ProTech Logo
– Your Logo
– The words: “I’m helping to save the global economy! Are you? #JoinTheMovement”

Entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to purchase this shirt to show their support for the movement. Any proceeds from purchases will be donated to the Fempreneur NPC to fund future Fempreneur studies.

Check out all of the amazing entries we received so far:

This is How We Celebrate Nestene!!!

When Creative Tribe members want to cartoonify you! Well done Natasha Ungerer for creating this awesome avatar (draft 1) of Nestene! Looking forward to version 2.0

Happy Birthday Nestene!

From everyone in the Tribe, we want to wish you the happiest Birthday Month and may the coming year take you to places you have never been. Thank you for being such an amazing human. We love you!

Some messages from the Tribe:

"Happy birthday, Nestene! I hope every day makes you as happy as a party. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. Love you. 🥳"
"A very special happy birthday, Nestene a.k.a Tribe Mama.💐 Many blessings, have a spectacular day! "
"Happy birthday special human. 💓 it's an honor to know you. Sending only love and wishing you only good things.  Live louder."

Entrepreneurs in their Natural Habitat

Steven Levy (left) & Janine Lingenfelder (right)
Wolfgang von Geramb (left) &, Lesetja Mokou (right)
Carina Diesel (left) & Marléne Nunes (right)

This is the heart of Explore ProTech. Having coffee with someone to get to know them better and see how you can help them. This tribe is absolutely brilliant at having coffee chats with each other. You guys really make all the hard work we pput into this Tribe, really worth it!

Keep having those coffee, putting a screenshot of your coffee and letting us know how they went!
** I am LOVING that Pikachu in the background Carina **

Do it the Explore Protech Way

Coffee First, Business Later!

The mindset coming into a network is building the relationship to get to know the person behind the business first, then “How can I help refer YOU?” without expectation of business in return. This way everyone will support everyone else in growing their business. You will do business with people in the TRIBE (and that’s good) but if this is your objective you won’t grow your business.

To reiterate this, 2 Meetups were planned, one for Tribe members in Pretoria & Johannesburg, and the other for the Cape Town Tribies. This is the update on how they went:

Explore ProTech Cape Town Meetup

It was an absolutely incredible magical moment in time when us local to Cape Town, South Africa Explore ProTech members got together at Hillcrest Wine Farm and Restaurant.

The conversation was so good we arrived at 12:00 and stayed until 18:00. We discussed 5% work and 95% everything else, which is how it should be!

Just a MASSIVE thank you to every single entrepreneur that joined us for this get together. The feeling of camaraderie around the table was UNBEATABLE. This is what #real friendship is made of. I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to have all of these amazing friends that all just happen to be some of the most amazing entrepreneurs in the world.

Also a massive thank you to Hillcrest Wine Farm and Restaurant and the BRILLIANT staff there. They had to move us, because of a booking when we just got there so they gave us a round of drinks for free… and took SUCH good care of us for the whole rest of the day. Thank you so much for to all of you beautiful people that took care of us and a very special shoutout to our waitress as well – Keisha Rhodes – you were amazing. 😁

Explore ProTech Johannesburg/Pretoria Meetup

We just had our very first Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven Gauteng Meetup at the Protea Ranch in Centurion. The venue was in full bloom, with stunning sunset colours everywhere you looked. There were scenes that looked like they were taken straight out of a Magazine. We had a blast getting to know each other in this very intimate setting. 

From the Host, Hendrik Baird:
“As with all things in life, getting started is the first hurdle, and I was so glad to host Janine Lingenfelder, Klarissa, and MEIYA G. NTHOESANE at our beautiful venue.”

I know there has been talk of serious FOMO by other ProTechians, so we are looking at organizing the next one in early 2023.

Well Done Tribies! You make my heart sing with joy!!!


Special moments in the Tribe

One of our newest Tribe members, Sondra Ray, has just become a grandmother (Grammie) to two beautiful identical twin boys. Maximus and Andrew are terribly cute and already showing their different personalities. 

Congratulations Grammie Sondra. Enjoy every moment with them before you come back to us!

Strangely we had an alien decide to visit us on Zoom.

Unfortunately we think his planet has daylight savings time, as he was an hour late and he was greeted by an empty room.

Next time!!!

A Word from our Sponsors

This space in our newsletter is dedicated to some snippets from our Sponsors. Read what they’ve got to say about their involvement with our tribe and how you can support them so they can support us better! It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win situation we’re after.

From Steven Levy – Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond


Today you are the best you! The world is moving at a pace of change, demanding of us to become more of who we are, requiring continuous commitment to self-education and personal development and unleashing our true potential to excel and succeed in the world that waits for no one. 
Eric Hoffer once said – “In times of change, learners inherit the earth. While the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” 
Starting today, commit yourself daily, to become the person you are truly capable of…………

Steven Levy Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond, Global Leadership & Business Coach

**If you like the influence that Mr. Levy has had on the way we’ve built our tribe, give him a shoutout on Linkedin and help us promote him as one of the best leadership coaches in the entire world. 

From Scott Cundill – Maj3.com

Scott Cundill has a brand new opportunity for you to put a little cash back in your pocket.

Turn Your Business Network Into Cash – Make Money From Referrals Using My Most Trusted.

cott shows you how to earn revenue from introducing people you know and trust.

This entire amazing Newsletter is a product of 

The Sommerville Agency!

We are so thankful to have you in our tribe!!!

– Nestene Botha

  • Rene Bresser is has started the Referral Circle for The Explore ProTech Tribe! Entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to join the circle in order to share what they do, learn about what others do, and swop trusted referrals. Check the Tribe calendar for more info.

  • Steven Westwood is involved in marketing the Fempreneur with a special press release and paid marketing strategy!

  • Dr. Meiya has sponsored 15 Instagram size advertising spaces in the next issue of his magazine as prizes for the Fempreneur Facebook Group.
    Thanks a million Meiya!

Have we missed anything???

Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other newsworthy things are happening with our tribe members in November 2022! On our own, each of our voices is beautiful and unique, but together our voices create the most beautiful symphony that will change the world for the better and forever!

On Our Most Wanted List

Introductions can be sent to nestene@exploreprotech.com. Please and Thank You! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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