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See how a tribe came together to help an entrepreneur in need during a hurricane crisis and massive prizes are being won & then gifted to others in true Explore ProTech style!

The Explore ProTech Newsletter September 2022

Come see how a Tribe came together to help an entrepreneur in need during a hurricane crisis and we are giving away massive prizes, that are being won & then gifted to others in true Explore ProTech style!

A Warm Welcome to New Tribe Members!

Lead Campaign Manager at Thundafund - Rose Ndungu

Please join me in welcoming Rose Ndungu - Lead Campaign Manager at Thundafund. She's the rewards based Crowdfunding expert and awesome human you saw on the training talking about the Thundafund campaigns.


Head of Communities at Backabuddy - Justene Bergins

Please join me in welcoming Justene Bergins - Head of Communities at Backabuddy. She's the Charity based Crowdfunding expert and awesome human you saw on the training talking about the BackaBuddy campaigns.

Fun Fact: Justene is a fabulous ICE Fashion Model with a beautiful portfolio!
Absolutely Stunning!!.


Freelance Copywriter & Google Analytics Ninja - Elmari Schutte

Elmari is a freelance copywriter helping Health and Wellness professionals market themselves. She is hoping to use her talents and skills to help everyone in our tribe grow and her intention is to use our tribe to also help her grow - on a personal and business level. One of the things that stood out for her about our tribe is how everyone is encouraged to be themselves. In her eyes that is what makes a strong group and that is what she's here to help grow and nurture.

Fun Fact: Her hobbies include hiking, connecting inwards, spending quiet time with herself and reading - mostly self development books.


This entire amazing Newsletter is a product of 

The Sommerville Agency!

We are so thankful to have you in our tribe!!!

– Nestene Botha

YouTube Rockstarts - This Month's Videos

1 September 2022

Discounted Cash Flow
The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya

5 September 2022

Building a Business like a Pro Athlete !!!
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

7 September 2022

Get Good, Get Known, Get Paid 3 Tips to Speaking In Your Business
Christine Campbell Rapin

12 September 2022

What it Takes to be Successful in Business!!!
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

14 September 2022

How To Get More of Your Ideal Clients to Find You
Christine Campbell Rapin

15 September 2022

Book Value Method
The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya

19 September 2022

What Adventure Sports and Entrepreneurship have in Common
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

22 September 2022

Liquidation Value
The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya

22 September 2022

Results from your Action Keys to Avoiding Self Sabotage?
Christine Campbell Rapin

26 September 2022

What is the Fempreneur Movement?
Coffee Shop Conversation Show for Entrepreneurs

28 September 2022

Want Greener Grass Start Watering Your Own Garden
Christine Campbell Rapin

29 September 2022

Capital Structure
The Money Magnet with Dr. Meiya



THE FEMPRENEUR COURSE - The Course that will change the face of your business!

With a new season upon us, comes new amazing opportunities.

We want to change the lives of entrepreneurs around the world.  To achieve this we have The Fempreneur Course. It is the only course designed by our handpicked global business coaches to help you identify, monetize, and market your value. It is the ultimate online course to accelerate your business’ success. 

With our signature Fempreneur program, we can bring multiple business owners on the journey to success in just 16 weeks! The overarching aim for our fierce Economic Warriors is to have a sustainable business model that will make all their wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true!

On that note, we are making some entrepreneurs" dreams come true with the amazing prizes being given away. This first prize that was won in the month of September was a 12 month subscription to BlueCap.ai sponsored by Justin Hacker and Fuad Miah.

In true Explore ProTech style, the prize winner, Hendrik Baird gifted his prize to Martie Cronjé. She was so grateful to receive this surprise gift as she really wanted to win it as it would do wonders for her business.

Congratulations to both Hendrik Baird and Martie Cronjé.

A MASSIVE congratulations to the winner of the LIFECHANGING Eventraptor Subscription prize valued at just under $1,200 Martie Cronje!
And a MASSIVE thank you to the co-owners of Eventraptor who generously donated this subscription so they can help change the life and business trajectory of at least one awesome entrepreneur in our community.
Jennie Eriksen and Steve Eriksen you guys are ROCKSTARS!
We cannot wait to bring you back on the show in 3 months from now to learn all about how this prize has helped our winning ladypreneur to build the entrepreneurial empire of her dreams!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
This community is what entrepreneurial dreams are made of!

The next INCREDIBLE prize up for grabs for the entrepreneurs in this community is a STUNNER!

This prize is a Linkedin Lead Generation Bundle valued at just under 600USD and it contains everything ANY entrepreneur needs to get their business out there in front of the Linkedin World.
The Linkedin world is a resource-rich deposit of possibilities, here’s the tools you’re gonna need in order to mine it effectively:
From Steven Levy – a complete strenghts assessment and debrief session. Mr. Levy is going to use his 40+ years of experience in business and leadership to help you UNDERSTAND what makes you so special.
From Michelle Scott – a complete Linkedin Messaging Training & Setup. Michelle is going to help you take what Mr. Levy unpacked for you and turn it into a set of irresistable messages tailored at generating you leads on Linkedin on Tap. AND she’ll give you the low down on how to do it yourself or hire someone in that can continuously follow this process on your behalf in the background. 🙂 🙂 🙂
 Generating LEADS ON TAP doesn’t get any easier than this.
And last, but certainly not least from Scott Colin Cundill – the master of Linkedin Lead Generation process and software – you’ll receive THREE vouchers entitling you to use his My Most Trusted Linkedin Lead Generation Software and ALL of its amazing features in order to supercharge the process Michelle Scott is going to create for you. This is going to CHANGE the life of ONE of the entrepreneurs in this community. Make sure its you!
You need 35 points on the leaderboard in order to qualify for entry into the draw for this prize. Every point over 35 increases the amount of entries and the amount of chance you’ve got at winning!
Share your link and get entrepreneurs around the world to #JoinTheMovement using your unique link and you’ll get 1 point for every entrepreneur that clicks through your link and 5 points for every entrepreneur that signs up.
If you’re not sure how to make this happen, ask one of our previous winners what they did in order to rack up those points so quickly!

If you want to join in on all this fun, all you need to do to take part is sign-up here —>>> https://exploreprotech.com/announcing-the-fempreneur…/

Then SHARE, SHARE, SHARE EVERYWHERE! The more you share, the more points you get.

We will be announcing a bonus opportunity to earn more points on Monday.  So keep your eyes peeled!

If you haven’t joined the Fempreneur Movement Facebook Group yet – please check it out HERE

Global Online Speed Networking (GOSN)

Global Online Speed Networking

Our Global Online Speed Networking Event, in association with MMT, for September brought so many stupendous entrepreneurs together. It was all themed around the My Most Trusted Software from Scott Cundill.

We had a Tech room for those wanting to learn how to install this amazing software and how to use it. We had networking rooms where many connections were made and coffees booked. This is what we live for, to see relationships being build before any business is done!

Congratulations to the GOSN Task Force for all their hard work in the background to make this successful. You guys are freakin’ amazing! Megan Deers, Janine Lingenfelder, Sommerville Lombard, & Darlene Petrie.

If you want to come to our next exciting event where you will make awesome business connections, then register for October –>>> https://zurl.co/i2qn

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Network)

Explore VAN (Virtual Assistant Networking) Event

Explore VAN September Event – overcoming many obstacles with great big smiles

Explore VAN September turned a whole year old, and to celebrate they had 2 amazing guest speakers – Sondra Ray and Jade Fedder. These two ladies gave some amazing information and advice which still has the members talking.

Amongst all this joy and celebration, Explore VAN had to overcome some interesting obstacles. There was the Loadshedding crisis, which affected some VAN members more than others, so some could not attend the celebration.  Due to the rolling blackouts and other power cuts in her area, the amazing MC, Janine Lingenfelder, had no more energy to spare to be there. Not even her backups of her backups had any more power.  So it was up to Martie Cronjé and Sommerville Lombard to MC the event. 

Ladies well done for jumping in at short notice when a friend/fellow member is in crisis. That is what we are here for, to help each other learn and grow (even if you are thrown in the deep-end #LOL)

Just to put a funny spin on this whole event, Sommerville Lombard was out camping with her family to celebrate her littlest one’s first birthday. So she presented Explore VAN from her Van!

A special thanks to TEAM LEADERS Sommerville Lombard from The Sommerville Agency, Janine Lingenfelder from Jelani Sales, and all the other Virtual Assistants working tirelessly to grow this very important support network for our tribe!

Tribal Council

Tribal Council
The Council from left to right: Fuad Miah, Nestene Botha, Hendrik Baird, Chris Kolbe, Martie Cronjé, & Sindre Kaupang

During the tribal council, we take everything we’ve learned and shared in all other meetings and see how we can actually use them. There, you’ll get input from other tribe members for a balanced perspective.

This is a fun and safe space to talk about your business and where you need help. Tribe members are always willing to give you input and/or refer the right people to help you.

What an amazing group of entrepreneurs! If you aren’t there then you really are missing out.

My Most Trusted Introductions and Referrals - Team Hurricane

My Most Trusted Team Hurricane Save Scott

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade! This is so true especially if you have an amazing team of willing entrepreneurs behind you.

This event was planned and ready to go as Scott usually hosts his My Most Trusted Introduction and Referrals events himself. Then suddenly there was a hurricane warning for the coast of Florida, USA and the surrounding islands.  Scott was on one of these islands.  He reached out to Nestene, on the day his event was scheduled for, as he was uncertain if he was going to make it to his own event.  No Problem Scott – We got you!!

Just like a virtual hurricane, there were winds of nervous excitement, showers of ideas and suddenly it was all hands on deck.  Nestene pulled together a WhatsApp group with tribe members that were willing and able to help out, with the event happening that evening. The GOSN Task Force was also pulled in as they have been running the GOSN events smoothly for quite awhile, so who better to help out a tribe member in need than this team.

With Captain Nestene behind the wheel and her trusty first-mate, Megan Deers from the GOSN Task Force by her side, there was a major plan underway. There were messages going back n forth in the WhatsApp group to make sure this ship sailed smoothly. People moved their meetings around and swapped out school runs, just to help this ship sail.

In 2 hours there was:

  • an Event Plan ready to implement
  • an Amazing MC
  • Plenty of willing Room Hosts
  • 2 Tech Room Hosts to assist attendees with the MMT App
  • a Zoom Etiquette Master
  • a Zoom Tech Wizard
  • and Scott’s right-hand lady, Gemma Osterloh, to oversee the whole event.

This is a true example of how we can save the global economy one small (well not really small anymore) business at a time. When we band together as a team we can achieve just about anything.

Quote of the day: “It’s the best thing in the world to be able to help someone in a crisis!”. Now this is how we roll.

Oh and Scott and his family were safely evacuated before the hurricane hit their island. Once it had past, they made their way back to their home, which luckily did not sustain much damage. Their house literally missed the worst of it by a hair, 20 minutes down the road and it was carnage!

We are so happy you and your family were safe, and thank you for trusting us to fill in for you while you were running away from a hurricane. Looking forward to the next event we can host for you minus the natural disaster please!!!


Tribe Training

with Rose Ndungu from ThundaFund & Justene Bergins from BackaBuddy

with Darlene Petrie

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to all the trainers that brought their A-Game to the Tribe Training space this month! It is because of you guys that we just keep getting better and better and better – every single week!

We also succeeded in collating all our Tribe Training session recordings in a Tribe Training Vault. Tribe Members are encouraged to search our Members-Only Facebook Group for the Tribe Training Vault so they can access all past Tribe Training sessions. 🙂

Projects and Other Noteworthy Updates

The Coffee Shop Show for Entrepreneurs

On the coffee shop show, you can demonstrate your expertise and position yourself in front of our large audience all over the internet. You also get to share valuable tips that people can use and pick up some tips for yourself. We also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to give away prizes. So come join us every Monday and get noticed!!

And this is what happens on the Show when we all put our hearts/hands up all at once!!!!

Entrepreneurs in their natural habitat

Chris Kolbe (left) & Janine Lingenfelder (right)
Christopher Robertson (left), Lesetja Mokou (right) & Elmari Schutte (bottom)
Clifford Starks (left) & Janine Lingenfelder (right)
Joe Bellisimo (left), Sommerville Lombard (right) & Janine Lingenfelder (Bottom)

No Prizes for guessing who is in most these screenshots!!!! Janine you are a star. She meets with so many of the tribe members each week just to stay abreast of what they are doing. Maybe Janine deserves a prize for being the Tribe Social Butterfly?

Do it the Explore Protech Way

Coffee First, Business Later!

The mindset coming into a network is building the relationship to get to know the person behind the business first, then “How can I help refer YOU?” without expectation of business in return. This way everyone will support everyone else in growing their business. You will do business with people in the TRIBE (and that’s good) but if this is your objective you won’t grow your business.

To reiterate this, 2 Meetups were planned, one for Tribe members in Pretoria & Johannesburg, and the other for the Cape Town Tribies. They are planning to go visit a Wine Farm and the other to visit a hidden paradise buried in the heart of the bushveld. If you want to find out how these face2face meetups went, you are just going to have to wait until the next issue of our Explore ProTech Newsletter. Watch this Space! 

A Word from our Sponsors

This space in our newsletter is dedicated to some snippets from our Sponsors. Read what they’ve got to say about their involvement with our tribe and how you can support them so they can support us better! It’s a Win-Win-Win-Win situation we’re after.

From Steven Levy – Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond

It is not only the world that is changing, you are changing. Don’t be the one to get left behind, left behind in realising your true potential?
Intentionally commit to self-work, self-learning, self-development, and grow into the person you are truly capable of becoming. 
Take ownership, take action, take full responsibility for this incredible journey you are about to embark on. 

OWN it and today could be – “The First Day of the BEST of Your Life”


Steven Levy Dare2Be Coaching & Beyond, Global Leadership & Business Coach

**If you like the influence that Mr. Levy has had on the way we’ve built our tribe, give him a shoutout on Linkedin and help us promote him as one of the best leadership coaches in the entire world. 

From Scott Cundill – Maj3.com

Scott Cundill – we’re working together on a lead generation project called “The Fempreneur Festival of Referrals and Introductions” It will be happening on 20 October @ 16hoo – 17h30 gmt+2 (check the Tribe Calendar for your timezone’s respective time)

You know you can’t afford to miss out on this event. There are close to 1 000 people that are going to attend. So if you have not registered for this event, now is the time.

Hopefully this time there won’t be a hurricane or any other natural disaster interfering. #WeGotYouScott #SavingTheGlobalEconomy

This entire amazing Newsletter is a product of 

The Sommerville Agency!

We are so thankful to have you in our tribe!!!

– Nestene Botha

  • Rene Bresser is has started the Referral Circle for The Explore ProTech Tribe! Entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to join the circle in order to share what they do, learn about what others do, and swop trusted referrals. Check the Tribe calendar for more info.

  • Steven Westwood is involved in marketing the Fempreneur with a special press release and paid marketing strategy!

  • Dr. Meiya has sponsored 15 Instagram size advertising spaces in the next issue of his magazine as prizes for the Fempreneur Facebook Group.
    Thanks a million Meiya!

Have we missed anything???

Add your voice to the mix by letting us know what other newsworthy things happened with our tribe members in September & October 2022! On our own, each of our voices is beautiful and unique, but together our voices create the most beautiful symphony that will change the world for the better and forever!

On Our Most Wanted List

  • Entrepreneurs that specialize in PR distribution, please!
  • Virtual Assistants that are new and have an interest in lead generation or a VA that wants to change their niche to Lead Generation
  • Possible Sponsors for our events

Introductions can be sent to nestene@exploreprotech.com. Please and Thank You! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Saving the Global economy, one small business at a time