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The Ultimate Online Course to Accelerate Your Success

The Fempreneur Course is the only one designed by several handpicked global business coaches to help you identify, monetize, and market your value.

Duration: 16 weeks (4 hours per week)

100% online + 2 hr contact session

Payment plan options available

3rd April

Who is this for?

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You’re an expert in your field, but you’re struggling to figure out all the aspects of running a business on your own.

You’re a business owner working all the hours but not progressing towards your goals.

You’re an entrepreneur who wants to scale your business, but you don’t know how to do it.

If you resonate with feeling stuck in your business, unclear on your strategy, afraid of failing, overcritical of yourself for not working harder or making the right decisions, frustrated at your lack of progress, or you’re struggling to manage the overwhelm…

Then you're in the right place!

By the end of the Fempreneur program, you will have:







This program was entirely focused on women like me, and it was a place where l
felt valued. My story was given a platform to be heard, and it felt like my business
was growing stronger as I progressed through each unit. Having the support of
the other participants and the coaches was invaluable. I no longer felt alone and
overwhelmed. I found my tribe and my confidence grew daily in my ability to share
my value and connect with my target audidence.

Olanike Mustapha,

Pams Travels and Tours Ltd

If you’re ready to position yourself for success

About Explore ProTech

Our vision is to save the global economy one small business at a time. With our signature Fempreneur program, we can bring multiple business owners on the journey to success in just 16 weeks! The overarching aim for our fierce Economic Warriors is to have a sustainable business model that will make all their wildest entrepreneurial dreams come true!

Here’s what some Fempreneur
Alumni have to say…

“This course helped me learn what my goals are and how to align my business goals with my values. I have met wonderful people through the Fempreneur program. I now have a network worldwide.”

Monja van Zyl

AIM Business Advisory Service


“The Fempreneur course is full of incredible and inspirational people who helped influence my business. The coaches have fueled my passion in my industry, and I utilize the competitive edge to my benefit.”

Sharon Alberts

Bwise Financial Solutions

“This course has really changed my life. I have done courses in the past that have only given me the knowledge. This program empowered me to take action from day one. This program wasn't just about business but about me as an individual and my health, strengths, and values.”

Shellony Ndhlovu

Trendy Accessories Zimbabwe

Course Overview

Introducing your global experts

Linda Dent,

Business Coach, Founder of Just Ask Linda Business Coaching

Caryn Greeff Fascinate in 7

Caryn Greeff,

Personal Branding Coach, Founder of Fascinate in 7

Christine Campbell Rapin

Christine Campbell Rapin,

Business & Leadership Coach, Founder of Clear Acceleration Inc


Declan Williams,

Founder of Let's Yak, Education and Tech Entrepreneur

Megan Kronberger,

Marketing Coach and Mentor, Founder of The Marketing Lifeline


Brian DeCastro,

Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Founder of The Domestic Athlete

Marlon August

Marlon August,

Marketing Coach, Founder of Story Advantage

Steven Levy,

Global Leadership Coach, Founder of Dare2Be Coaching and Beyond


Steven Westwood,

Marketing Coach, Founder of SPW Copywriting

Wolfgang von Geramb,

Entrepreneur Coach, Founder of The Second Mountain

Matthew Iyiola,

Copywriting Coach, Founder of Freelancematthew


Description and business Description and business

When you enroll in the Fempreneur program, you’ll get:

(A $6,497 Value)

  • 16 weeks of interactive coaching from Global Business Experts
  • Clarity on your business vision and the momentum to skyrocket your success which will change your life forever
  • A strategic plan to maximize your revenue streams, identify opportunities and work on collaborative ventures with your fellow Fempreneurs
  • Next-level marketing, branding, and social media strategies to amplify your business results
  • The mindset of a business leader, ready to take on any challenge with confidence and self-belief
  • A ready-made business support network that you can rely on 24/7 – another advantage of our global network

Plus, these bonuses will help you generate unstoppable momentum:

  • Access to our exclusive Let’s Yak Community (A $1,297 Value)
  • Access to the Explore ProTech calendar for the duration of the program (A $180 Value)
Woman sitting on a chair with her hands in the air

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of $7,974 for only $1,497

You can access this exceptional opportunity to join the Fempreneur program for only $1,497

We only have a limited number of spaces available for our February 2023 enrollment. Enroll now, so you don’t miss out!

Not sure if the Fempreneur program is right for you?

You should enroll in Fempreneur if you’re motivated by either of the following ...

You want to be in control of your life.

At the moment, you do not have the time or financial security to live the lifestyle you know you deserve. You are heading towards burnout, working all the hours and sacrificing time with your loved ones while thinking, “if I just work a bit harder, my business will succeed” 

You know you have the determination and motivation to thrive. You just need the right guidance, and with Fempreneur, you will take positive action each week to propel your business forward and start your journey towards achieving your life goals.


Do you want to silence your inner critic for good?

You no longer want to endure those negative thoughts that pop into your mind regularly. “You’re not good enough,” “No one will buy from you,”  “You don’t know what you’re doing,” “This is too hard,” “You’re going to fail.”

The Fempreneur program will help to tackle limiting beliefs head-on. Learn how these limiting beliefs and a negative mindset are sabotaging your growth, and by the end of this program, you’ll be a badass ready to confront any challenge.

Our global experts cannot wait to guide you through this 16 week program

And we cannot wait to introduce you to the Explore ProTech Tribe. 

Our entrepreneurial haven is built on our members gaining visibility, credibility, and invincibility, which leads to profitability.

We experience the power of community every day, and our members report benefits, including increased referrals, increased social media following, and business support from their peers.

We are excited to teach you the potential of relationships and look forward to following your transformation through this unique program. We give you our personal guarantee that this 16-week program will be completely life-changing for you and your business, and we can’t wait to meet you inside Fempreneur.

Peter & Nestene

Founders of Explore ProTech


Who should apply for the Fempreneur program?

This cutting-edge course is for ambitious business owners who want to see their success soar. It’s for those who are confident in their expertise but need practical guidance on other aspects of running a thriving business. Someone with passion, drive, and determination that wants to make a positive impact in their community and beyond.

What’s Let’s Yak, and how does it work?

Let’s Yak is a community-building platform, and once you enroll in the Fempreneur program, we will send you a link, follow the steps, and you’re ready to get going!

Do the classes meet at a specific time each week

Yes. You will be given plenty of notice before the course start date when the contact sessions will take place each week.

When I join Fempreneur, will I have immediate access to course materials and resources?

No. You will have access to the course materials week by week. This is not a self-study program to work through at your own pace. It’s a journey that you will follow with your fellow Fems week by week, building on your skills and collaboration with your partners is a fundamental part of your learning. The relationships you develop throughout the 16 weeks are as important as the learning resources provided.

It sounds great, but I can’t afford the investment.

We understand this is a scary investment but let’s look at that statement differently; can you afford not to invest?


Imagine what your business could look like in 4 months’ time. You have 100% belief in yourself and your ability to make the business decisions that are generating more income. You are no longer self-sabotaging or procrastinating and instead are following a strategy where you are making offers, sales, and achieving your financial goals. 


Taking the courageous step to invest in this program is a sign that you believe in yourself, trust in yourself, and aren’t letting those doubts and fears hold you back from reaching your true potential. There are three payment options available, so give yourself the gift of courage and have faith that this program will give you all the tools you need to earn your return on investment back