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Global Evolution of Business Summit VIP Gift Explore ProTech

Experience what it’s like to be part of the vibrant community of B2B service-based entrepreneurs that inhabit Explore ProTech Entrepreneurial Haven. For 3 months we’ll welcome you into our home for entrepreneurs.

Experience what it’s like to be one of our #businessfamily members. Claim your VIP Gift by booking your onboarding meeting and mention the word “SUMMIT VIP” in the notes on the booking page.

You’ll have the chance to:

  • Get seen on our Youtube Channel,
  • Get introduced to our people,
  • Attend our Networking Events
  • Learn and Grow at our Training Events
  • Generate leads through our collective content and training marketing packages
  • Receive personal introductions and networking/ scaling coaching from the co-founders that built our home from the ground up.

What does joining the Tribe get you?

The ultimate lead generation solution.

  1. My Most Trusted Linkedin Lead Generation Software (sponsored by Scott Cundill for all tribe members)
  2. Access to all our events, including:
  3. Access to our members-only chat and support groups
  4. Get featured on our Members-Only Directory
  5. List your products on our Tribe’s Shop
  6. Promote fellow member products using our affiliate program and encourage other tribe members to do the same for you.
  7. Share your knowledge and gain leads.
  8. Unlimited guest blogging on our blog.
  9. Invite as many strategic partners as you want to our Global Online Speed Networking Event using your members-only coupon code.
  10. The chance to be invited to participate in profit-share projects (based on the relationships you build in our community)
  11. The chance to get featured on our Youtube Channel and in the publications of our magazine partners
  12. The chance to be invited to represent our tribe at international networking events, conferences and summits
  13. The ability to do business with our members on an energy exchange basis (based on the relationships you build with the people in the tribe)
  14. Setup solid referral partner relationships (based on the relationships you build with the people in our tribe)
  15. And many more benefits are in the pipeline…

We’re only taking 500 entrepreneurs for our Core Network Membership. Soon the only way to get in will be if someone leaves or is asked to leave.

We want to make sure that these 500 entrepreneurs build relationships that last and become an unstoppable force in business.

We want our members to support each other, do business together and make the world a better place in a way that has never before been accomplished in business.

That is why we vet every single person personally (twice) before inviting them to join our tribe. The fact that you are receiving this letter means that you’ve been vetted and approved by us, as well as our tribe members and we believe that this space could work for you.

Remember all you have to do to get access to all these benefits is claim your VIP Gift by booking your onboarding meeting and mention the word “SUMMIT VIP” in the notes on the booking page.

What does Tribe Life look like?

During the onboarding process we will help you subscribe to our tribe calendar. We’ll also introduce you to our members as one of our newest family members on our members only Whatsapp and Facebook Group.

As a member you’re welcome to attend any and all of the events you can find in the tribe calendar – as they fit into your schedule. You’re also encouraged to reach out to other tribe members to schedule virtual coffee dates so you can get to know your new business family members.

Need a business coach? We’ve got them. Need a marketing strategist? We’ve got those too. Graphic Designers. Virtual Assistants. Copywriters. Attorneys. Accountants. You’ve got access to all of these people and more. And because they WANT our TRIBE to become SUPER SUCCESSFUL, they’ll be more than happy to help you as much as possible. 

The more you help your new business family members, the more they’ll help you in return. Think service exchanges, advice, strategy sessions, joint projects, referrals, you name it.

And because we’re in it for the long haul, it’s okay to get busy! We’ll always welcome you with open arms whenever you come to one of our events or meetings, but if we don’t see you at one, we won’t be mad, we’ll know that you’re busy and network on your behalf!

That’s what Tribe Life looks like.

But don’t take our word for it! Experience Tribe Life for yourself by booking your onboarding meeting and mention the word “SUMMIT VIP” in the notes on the booking page.

Success Stories

Going global through networking – Case Study – Steven Levy

From employee to global entrepreneur: How the Tribe helped Rene build a successful business

Rene Bresser is the owner of Kraft Digital Design, a digital design company based in South Africa that helps businesses create websites, logos, social media management and any other design needs that represent their brand, reinforce their presence and sell their products and services.  


  • His business currently outearns his full-time employee income by 15% 
  • He now gets an average of 5 referrals per month 

“When I lost my job, I had to scale my business really quickly. Explore Protech helped me, and now I make 115% of my previous income as a full-time general manager .”


Like many employees in the pandemic, Rene lost his job as a General manager of a packaging company. That meant he could no longer provide for his family because his job was his major source of income. Rene also owned a business – as a freelance web developer and an online marketplace called Kraft Emporium where artists and craftspeople could sell their products. However, he had trouble monetizing the space.

“When I lost my job, I had to scale my business, really quickly. My business had to become my sole and permanent income… I realized that these guys [the store owners] were only selling on my platform because they couldn’t afford online shops for themselves. But many of them couldn’t afford to pay me either.”

To sum up, he was unemployed with a fledgling online business model that was struggling to take off, and an overwhelming pressure to find a new source of income.

The solution

Rene was already a member of the Explore Protech Tribe so he had access to all the resources the community had to offer. 

The remarkable transformation that followed was the result of a joint effort between Rene, Nestene and Peter (the founders of Explore Protech) and the rest of the tribe members under the guidance and support of Steven Levy

Explore Protech prides itself in providing resources to help entrepreneurs solve their problems, as opposed to solving the problems for them.

As Nestene and Peter put it, “I think from our side, we thought we could give him a safe space, where he could find answers to his business problems.

“Rene didn’t expect this group to solve his problem. He expected that the people within the group would help him get value if he put his efforts in. And that’s what he did.”

Support that inspires confidence and growth

Confidence was an issue for Rene at the start. After losing his job and failing to scale his online business, he needed to rebuild faith in his ability.

Nestene and Peter connected him with a few tribe members who specialize in helping people gain perspective.

“The moment that I lost my job, Steven Levy (one of the tribe members) was willing to sit with me and help me put together a plan and just put things in perspective in terms of what I need to do. Because obviously losing your day job is very shocking,” Rene says.

Peter and Nestene also reached out constantly, showing Rene a consistent and supportive presence, a listening ear, and a shoulder to lean on.

“They would just say to me, ‘listen, let’s do this for you. What do you need?’ and then they would connect me with people who could help me find those resources… I think there are so many people in this tribe that have lost everything and had to start over again. And they’ve helped them do that.”

Referrals based on trust

The tribe also rallied to provide Rene with a constant stream of referrals based on trust in his work and the common thread of support that ran through the whole community.

“There were many people who referred business to me. In the beginning, it wasn’t necessarily big ones but I had clients all over Explore Protech. I’ve even done many people’s websites, including exploreprotech.com”

As word spread of Rene’s skill and unique needs, everyone who needed his service, or knew someone who needed him, sent business his way.

“And all these referrals helped me grow to a point where I could go out and network with people outside the tribe.”

Now, he has referrals coming in from connections all over the world and has been able to surpass his previous employee income by 115%

‘Coffee first, business later’ 

Another thing that the Tribe helped Rene understand was the ‘Coffee first, business later’ approach. It is one of the tribe’s most important tools for fostering growth, new opportunities, and collaborations.

The gist of this approach is that you should first form relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and strive to understand them as individuals before ever trying to do business with them. According to Nestene and Peter, it’s important to build a great relationship with everyone you’re in business with. And even if you don’t do business, you walk away with one more ally.

. … but a little while later, he was all about the coffee. He could just show up to meetings and networking events and form relationships with people” Peter says.

This unique approach allowed Rene to network with multiple people globally, and unlock a steady stream of referrals.

“The majority of my clients now are actually abroad more than local. So Explore Protech helped me grow my company to an international company rather than just local.”

The coffee first, business later approach also allowed Rene to find creative solutions with entrepreneurs and grow their businesses together.

“The collaboration model I learned from Explore Protech was brilliant, and the fact that you need to work with other people and collaborate, and grow together. I currently have collaboration partners all over the world, from designers to copywriters.”

The conclusion

After growing his business to replace his job income, Rene doesn’t plan on stopping. He fully intends to continue networking, collaborating with new entrepreneurs and being an integral part of the Tribe.

“I’ve grown to a point in my business where I can’t do everything myself and I need to outsource some tasks. It’s a challenging place to be because I have so many people depending on me to deliver, but it’s also very exciting because obviously your financial security gets better and you get a stable long-term income.”

Ready to meet and be our next Rene Bresser? Book your onboarding meeting and mention the word “SUMMIT VIP” in the notes on the booking page. Can’t wait to see your success story unfold in front of us!