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How To Use Your Core Values
To Offer Added Value To Your Clients

In this taster training, you will learn how your personal values impact your decision-making in life and in business. You will be taken on a journey to discover your core values, and by the end of this mini-course, you will understand the importance of linking these values to your business, and how this improves client connections and lasting customer relationships.

This free mini-course will give you an insight into our signature Fempreneur program which will be opening for enrolment soon. Fempreneur is an innovative 16 week program delivered by 11 global business coaches who will show you how to identify, monetize, and market your value. You will develop a business model that will expedite your enterprise, leaving procrastination, lack of confidence, and frustration behind.


- 1 -

How To Discover Your Values

that are the key building blocks to your business model

- 2 -

How To Identify Your Priorities

and what brings you fulfillment

- 3 -

How to Determine Your Non-negotiables

allowing you to understand your essential values

- 4 -

How Your Core Values Influence Your Business

and how this leads to better client relationships

Understanding Your Core Values
is Vital When it Comes to Running a Business.

You are who you are because of your values. You are being steered by them whether you
are aware of it or not, but understanding your values gives them so much more power.

Our values linked to our beliefs can be both beneficial and limiting. Let’s say that fairness
is one of your values, so in business, you want to offer a quality product or service for
a fair price. Where limiting beliefs show up might be your fear of judgment, that others
might find your product or service to be poor quality or overpriced. Or maybe you worry
that you’re not as good as your competitors, or that you start doubting your abilities to be
a business owner.

The values that prove to be limiting are generally fear based, and if you’re feeling uneasy
or stressed, there’s a good chance you’re taking action that doesn’t fit with your core

Once you identify your personal values in this free taster course, you will then be able to
make decisions about your life and business in alignment with your values. This leads to
empowering beliefs that can make our accomplishments seem almost effortless.

Your beliefs become your
thoughts. Your thoughts
become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.

- Mahatma Ghandi

This Mini-Course is for
Female Entrepreneurs Who …

  • feel like they’re working endless hours for little return
  • feel overwhelmed or stuck in their business journey
  • feel like they have more to offer the world, but don’t know how to scale in practice
  • want to ensure their values are the CORNERSTONE of their business, phasing out limiting beliefs that are standing in their way

A Personal Invitation

from Explore ProTech

Our 5 core values are Fun, Authentic, Caring, Teachers and Safe, and these guide us every day in the way we operate Explore ProTech. Our goal is to provide our network with high-quality entrepreneurs who can build each other up and save the global economy.

We’ve spent time developing and cultivating a culture of shared vision, and prosperity. Due to the fact that we are true to our values, we attract like-minded entrepreneurs who want to make a difference, leave a legacy and have dreams beyond making a profit.

Our 16 week Fempreneur program brings you the best expert coaches from our Explore ProTech family, and this mini-course will give you an insight into how our coaches will work with you to take your business from surviving to thriving. Each coach is ready to share their own zone of genius with you, and we welcome this opportunity to learn about you and your wonderful business.

Peter & Nestene

Founders of Explore ProTech