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Get It Done

Contact: Sondra Ray Ray
958 Davis St. Washtenaw Ypsilanti Michigan MI 48198 Washtenaw Cell Phone: 812-361-3756 Membership: 8 August 2022 Website: https://ray-va.com/ Blog: https://ray-va.com/blog/
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Sondra is a Goal Accountability Coach who helps her clients every step along the way from clarifying their zone of genius to celebrating their success and tweaking plans as needed. While her primary focus is goal setting and accountability,
Sondra also helps her clients get things done!
From managing social media to setting up systems, Sondra’s philosophy is to help her clients gain momentum immediately until they are ready to hand off ongoing tasks to other specialists. This helps her clients shorten the gap between setting and achieving their goals.
Sondra’s unique approach helps her clients get things done more quickly and with less stress.

Categories: Coach, Goal Accountability Coach, Speaker, Virtual Assistant
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