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Branding Knowledge and Design Skills
for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Join our weekly design classes and group where you can unleash your creativity and learn the skills you need to bring your brand to life.

• Weekly Classes
• Like minded community
• Real life assignments & Deadlines
• Useful skills
• Competitive branding techniques
• Adobe Software access
• $1 Two week trial then only $25 per month!

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I have the pleasure of receiving training from Natasha as part of The Next Design Apprentice program, and I must say it has been an exceptional experience. Natasha’s dedication to teaching is commendable, and she was always available to assist me whenever I was stuck.

One thing I appreciated about Natasha’s teaching style is that she pushes me just enough to challenge me, which helped me learn something new every time. Her ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and relatable way is impressive, and it makes the learning process smooth and enjoyable.

Additionally, Natasha’s skills as an artist are remarkable, and it’s clear why she’s great at what she does. I would highly recommend her training to anyone looking to improve their design skills or seeking to become a successful artist. Thanks to Natasha’s guidance and expertise, I feel more confident in my abilities and excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.


I am currently receiving training from Natasha as part of The Next Design Apprentice program, and I cannot say how much I enjoy doing it. I have come from no knowledge of Adobe Illustrator to be able to help myself when I need to do something.

She knows exactly what skills you have and what style you like to follow. Natasha is a great mentor and a great friend and just knows when to drive me and when to give me time to catch up. Not only does so have great people skills, but she is also a talented designer.

I consider myself fortunate to be able to be taught by her and would recommend her to anyone in need of a brilliant designer. Thanks Natasha for what you mean to us as a group, and for the great mentor you are to me.